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Baby Season Approaches
Have you ever spotted a baby bird and wondered what you should do about it? Check out the article below to learn some surprising facts about determining when and how we should help.
Found a baby bird
Thanks to donors like you! 
We cannot emphasize how important community support is to us and the birds. A big shout out goes to Cindy and Stephen Rahn, who adopted Happy the Eastern Screech Owl. He got his own custom home right in their back yard.
Happy's full story here,

Bald Eagle Release 
It took a massive group effort to catch, rehabilitate, and ultimately release this bird. Feb 14, we released a beauty named Lady Eagle! Check out the story, photos, and video below!
Lady Eagle's Rescue and Release
Bird of the Month 
Have you met Hawkeye? He came to Soarin' Hawk along with many other displaced babies in June of 2012.  A huge storm, called a derecho, hit northern Indiana knocking down a large number of trees and power lines
Hawkeye's full story here,
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