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April 2014
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Not What I Wanted To Hear
Message From Spirit
Are you doing whatever you can to heal the earth, the water, the air, the planet?  What do you do on a daily basis to contribute to the betterment of the world you live in?
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In light of all the mom and pop businesses that close when the big box stores come into our communities, I am again, reminding you of how important to help all the local crafters, farmer's markets, small town stores in your area before they become extinct.  Continue to do your good deeds and shop local and handmade whenever possible.

Love & Light to you all.

Happy New Year  to my family, friends and extended network.


Spring has appeared in a confusing way here in my area of Ontario - snow one day and spring temperatures the next.  These radical temperature and weather changes can be comparative to our lives - the ups and downs, the hot and cold, the happy and sad, and so much more. 

What are you seeking from your life?  What is truly important to you?  When you are on a forward movement cycle and suddenly tons of crap comes at you and knocks you down, don't let it stop you.  This only means that your goal or dream is just around the corner and it is your ego trying to stop you from attaining it.  Did you have a brief thought that "everything is going so good, I'm just waiting for the ball to drop?"   We create those obstacles that stop us through our thoughts, fears, doubts or questions of ourselves and our abilities.

Take time to sort through your thoughts, words and actions and see what you are doing to block your dreams from manifesting, what you are doing to push people away, or how you are valuing or under valuing yourself.

Each one of us creates our own reality and must take responsibility for it.  Until we accept that, nothing will change.  Accept it, forgive it and give thanks for the lesson learned and move forward. 

Happy spring to all of you and may your dreams blossom as the flowers break through.

The Soaring Free website is meant to provide inspiration to all that pass through its gates.  There are many products and services available, including readings, numerology reports, dream interpretation, healing and so much more.  All are welcome, however, negativity and spamming other members is never allowed.

NEW:  For those that would like to have a live reading, I now have an arrangement with Click4Advisor.  There is a button from them on the main page of the website which will be green if I'm available.  Through this button you can connect live for your reading.  I am also available for email readings (worldwide) or call back readings (in Canada or the United States) via my  website, Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre under the Products section.  I can also do call back readings for Canada and the United States through the Products section for 1/2 hr, 3/4 hr or 1 hour as well as email readings, numerology and much more.  

Namaste & blessings,
Sheri Baldwin, RT
Not What I Wanted To Hear

When doing readings for people, I pass on only the information that is given to me.  One of the pitfalls is that not everyone is ready to hear what their guides have to say.  However, they only give the truth and are giving you guidance to go to the next level of your existence. 

Please take a moment to read  the following blog  Not What I Wanted To Hear   The next time you have a reading, take the time to really listen to what is coming out.


Every testimonial I receive is truly appreciated, whether it is from a reading or a student enrolled in one of my courses. 
Sheri's psychic abilities are phenomenal. She gives very detailed information and insight on all topics. She will tell you the truth on all subjects and walk you through your course of life. I definitely will be contacting her again.

Brian Ser

If you would like to read other testimonials, click on the following link: Testimonials If you have had a reading, I would love to hear your feedback if you haven't already done so.
Message from Spirit

Our Thoughts Become Our Reality
Enjoy the following message from Spirit and remember each one of you has the ability to hear their own messages, however you must learn to ask and then listen without judgment. 
What is holding you back from achieving your Highest dreams?  What is holding you stuck in the mud?  What mountains have you created to put off attaining your absolute best? 

Only you can achieve your dreams - no one can do it for you.  Only you can take the steps to move forward - no one can do it for you.  Only you can conquer the mountains by either taking the difficult route and climbing over it or taking the easier, longer route and walking around it - no one can do it for you.

Take time today to look at your life and take count of where you are, who you want to be, what you intend for your life and then 'focus'.  Focus on the life you intend for yourself.  It is not too far fetched. It is not unachievable.  Those dreams are put in your heart by a Higher Source and if you ask, give thanks and believe, you can do whatever you need to do.  You CAN be, do or have whatever your dreams are as long as you are putting them out there with integrity and love.
Blessings to you always.


Please submit your questions prior to the end of the month and you may be featured here.  There are no wrong questions and many times your answer will help another.
Each one of you is a blessing to me.  I thank you for being a part of the growth  and healing on our planet.  Each student has taught me, each client has given me confirmation that I am living my life purpose.  Thank you.
Namaste and blessings,

Sheri Baldwin, RT
Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre
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I am listed with several sites doing live readings.   One of the newer sites Eclient has an offer that they will match up to $50 when you make a purchase on their site.    For anyone wishing to check out the site and take advantage of this offer, the instructions are on the main sign up page. 

They have been advertised on all the major TV networks, Rachel Ray, Dr Phil, Entertainment Tonight and many more shows.  This offer is temporary on the site and the expiry date is unknown.
Offer Expires: April 30, 2014