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June 2014
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Live For Today and Only For Today
Message From Spirit
Are you doing whatever you can to heal the earth, the water, the air, the planet?  What do you do on a daily basis to contribute to the betterment of the world you live in?
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In light of all the mom and pop businesses that close when the big box stores come into our communities, I am again, reminding you of how important to help all the local crafters, farmer's markets, small town stores in your area before they become extinct.  Continue to do your good deeds and shop local and handmade whenever possible.

Love & Light to you all.


May was a month of change for me, deeper seeking and transformation.  May was a month for finding answers to where my next journey will be.  I gave permission to myself that I MAY move forward and I am.

I was invited to participate in my first Native American Traditional Sweat Lodge which was facilitated by Elder Vern Harper, a true Cree Elder in Guelph Ontario and the guest of honor was my old friend and Shaman teacher Mandaza Kandemwa from Africa who is here for his short summer journey.   

Through this new adventure, I learned much more about myself, the little things that still cling to my essence from the past and a clearness of mind, body and soul that is opening a exciting new path for me.

May was also a sad month for me as a special friend crossed over and even though I had known her for only a few years, she was one of those people that had crossed paths with me over several lifetimes.  This happened two weeks before my sweat ceremony and through that interaction I was able to say a proper goodbye.  It was also a part of the message in the blog for this month - Live For Today and Only For Today.  No one knows in advance the exact time they will be making their exit so it is important to live for right now and do whatever you can to make your life the best possible life it can be. 

Now June is here.  Sunshine, rain, flowers blooming, trees filled with fresh new leaves, the birds are singing again, the bunnies are coming to say hello and the sounds of nature are more active.  I am at a place of renewed energy and life.  I am going to be announcing some major life changes in the coming months which will hopefully be beneficial to all that follow me through here.  I am very excited and the next chapter is about to begin.  Are you following your dreams?  Are you ready to make a change or advance up one more step to a Higher spiritual you?

In honor of the fresh new season, I am gifting free readings again for those that are a part of my Facebook page, my website and recipients of the monthly newsletter. This will continue through the next few months.  The winner of the free reading for June is Jeanie.   Congrats!  Your reading will be coming to your email within the next 48 hours.

If you would like a chance at the next free reading, share this newsletter with at least one person and let me know our Facebook page.  I would like to grow the community and I look to you to assist me in this project.  As, well, keep your eyes on the Facebook page for pop up free single question readings which will be given throughout the month of June. 

NEW:  For those that would like to have a live reading, I now have an arrangement with Click4Advisor.  There is a button from them on the main page of the website which will be green if I'm available.  Through this button you can connect live for your reading.  I am also available for email readings (worldwide) or call back readings (in Canada or the United States) via my  website, Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre under the Products section.  I can also do call back readings for Canada and the United States through the Products section for 1/2 hr, 3/4 hr or 1 hour as well as email readings, numerology and much more.  

Namaste & blessings,
Sheri Baldwin, RT
Live For Today and Only For Today

So many of my readings result in people 'saying' they have forgiven, let go of the past, released and then it is discovered that when someone brings up a situation or person, they are still holding onto the crutch.  Now is the time to change this. 

Please take a moment to read  the following blog  Live For Today and Only For Today   Have you let go?  Are you living in this moment?


Every testimonial I receive is truly appreciated, whether it is from a reading or a student enrolled in one of my courses. 
Sheri was fantastic! I could instantly tell that she was led by her spirit guides as so many of the messages had a direct impact on my life and several of them were being repeated. These were areas that I also needed to work on. She was clear and provided guidance and explanations of the messages she received and seemed to pick up on things even I had forgotten that were troubling my spirit. I couldn't recommend her more highly. 
Veronique Gaston

If you would like to read other testimonials, click on the following link: Testimonials If you have had a reading, I would love to hear your feedback if you haven't already done so.
Message from Spirit

Our Thoughts Become Our Reality
Enjoy the following message from Spirit and remember each one of you has the ability to hear their own messages, however you must learn to ask and then listen without judgment. 
Take this moment to close your eyes and truly see.  Take this moment to open your heart and truly listen.  Take this moment to send love, a kind word, a blessing to another person.  Take this moment to give yourself a hug and say "I love myself" just as your angels do for you every day.  Take this moment to just 'be'.  Sit in silence - not in meditation, in silence.  Sit in nature and listen to all that is around you.  No phone, no tv, no computer, just you and nature.  Listen to nature's song, it's beauty and the messages that Mother Gaia is sending to you.  Take this moment to just breathe.
Blessings to you always.


Please submit your questions prior to the end of the month and you may be featured here.  There are no wrong questions and many times your answer will help another.
Each one of you is a blessing to me.  I thank you for being a part of the growth  and healing on our planet.  Each student has taught me, each client has given me confirmation that I am living my life purpose.  Thank you.
Namaste and blessings,

Sheri Baldwin, RT
Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre
Free $50.00
I am listed with several sites doing live readings.   One of the newer sites Eclient has an offer that they will match up to $50 when you make a purchase on their site.    For anyone wishing to check out the site and take advantage of this offer, the instructions are on the main sign up page. 

They have been advertised on all the major TV networks, Rachel Ray, Dr Phil, Entertainment Tonight and many more shows.  This offer is temporary on the site and the expiry date is unknown.
Offer Expires: June 30, 20140, 2014