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October 2014
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Letting Go Allows Miracles To Happen
Message From Spirit
Are you doing whatever you can to heal the earth, the water, the air, the planet?  What do you do on a daily basis to contribute to the betterment of the world you live in?
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In light of all the mom and pop businesses that close when the big box stores come into our communities, I am again, reminding you of how important to help all the local crafters, farmer's markets, small town stores in your area before they become extinct.  Continue to do your good deeds and shop local and handmade whenever possible.

Love & Light to you all.


It seems as if the seasons are flying by.  I see beautifully colored fall leaves on the ground, the air is crisp, the pumpkins and squash are making their fall debut, and the remnants of summer are disappearing.  

Just like the seasons, our lives change.  We have dreams, goals, intentions and yet many of us never reach the heights that we set for ourselves.  Many feel that our dreams are just too far fetched from reality to reach. I, however, am the opposite.  I believe in my dreams and I know that they are just waiting to be a part of my life.

Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre is coming up on its website anniversary and during the month of October will be going through a complete revamp.  If you go into the website and have any issues whether it be with an order, opening any of the links or navigating, please send me an email at [email protected] with 'website issue' in the subject line and I will make sure it's addressed right away.  

The winners of the free readings for October are Nettie Cole and Karen Gore.  Congrats!   Your reading will be coming to you within 48 hours of your acknowledging this newsletter.  Send your confirming email to [email protected] and put Reading Winner in the subject line.  Readings are drawn monthly for those that are a part of Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre's Facebook page, website and recipients of the monthly newsletter.  Last month's winner did not claim their reading so I decided to draw for two readings this month.

Watch the Facebook page for pop up free single question or single card readings throughout the month of October.  It is a joy to pay it forward.  Also, keep your eyes on the newsletters for some big appreciation draws.  You will not be disappointed if your name is one of the many that are drawn.

NEW:  For those that would like to have a live reading, I now have an arrangement with Click4Advisor.  There is a button from them on the main page of the website which will be green if I'm available.  I am also available for email readings (worldwide) or call back readings (in Canada or the United States), dream interpretation, numerology, distant reiki and so much more via my  website, Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre under the Products section.    
Namaste & blessings,
Sheri Baldwin, RT
Letting Go Allows Miracles To Happen

Law of Attraction, Manifesting and Letting Go - they all work together.

Please take a moment to read  the following blog  Letting Go Allows Miracles To Happen   What are you still holding onto that needs detachment to release it from your space?


Every testimonial I receive is truly appreciated, whether it is from a reading or a student enrolled in one of my courses. 

Sheri was fantastic! I could instantly tell that she was led by her spirit guides as so many of the messages had a direct impact on my life and several of them were being repeated. These were areas that I also needed to work on. She was clear and provided guidance and explanations of the messages she received and seemed to pick up on things even I had forgotten that were troubling my spirit. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
Veronique Gaston 

If you would like to read other testimonials, click on the following link: Testimonials If you have had a reading, I would love to hear your feedback if you haven't already done so.
Message from Spirit

Enjoy the following message from Spirit and remember each one of you has the ability to hear their own messages, however you must learn to ask and then listen without judgment. 
Today you are being asked to be generous to others.  What do you have to give to another?  It doesn't have to be money.  Give a homeless person a sandwich and a coffee.  Give someone you don't know a silent blessing.  Give a prayer to the grieving person.  Give your ear to a friend that needs to talk.  Give a hand to someone who just cannot complete a task on their own.  It is that simple.  Give of yourself and you will be rewarded for your efforts.  You attract what you put out, remember that always.  
Blessings to you always.

Each one of you is a blessing to me.  I thank you for being a part of the growth  and healing on our planet.  Each student has taught me, each client has given me confirmation that I am living my life purpose.  Thank you.
Namaste and blessings,

Sheri Baldwin, RT
Soaring Free Spiritual Healing Centre