Greetings. Here are your articles for December 2020
COVID-10 Fraud Update
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In April of this year, I wrote an article for our website about COVID-19 related frauds and how to avoid some of the frauds that had emerged in the brief period of time since COVID-19 had arrived in the United States. At that point, we were just about a month into our current situation, and already the Federal Trade Commission had received 18,235 reports of COVID-19 related fraud, with losses totaling approximately $13.44 million dollars. 
Rebecca B. Fitzhugh, Board Chair, Partners for Women and Justice
In 2013, a Board member of Partners for Women and Justice (“Partners”) approached Sally Glick to ask if she knew a CPA who might be interested in joining the organization’s Board to take on the job of Treasurer as the current Treasurer was preparing to step down. Sally suggested Rebecca Fitzhugh, confident it would be a perfect fit.
Life Lessons While Traveling
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One of the many things I love about the work we do at Sobel EAC Valuations is the opportunity to travel and see new places that I may never see otherwise. Most of the places I visited have been interesting and fun places to see – Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas, and Indianapolis, Indiana. I was part of the team that valued all the personal property assets at Yosemite National Park. I have seen Lake Superior from its shore in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wherever I go, I can find something new and interesting to see that I end up talking about for weeks.