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Interview with Rebecca Fitzhugh, CPA/CFF, CFE, MBA, CIT
As a leader in SobelCo’s Forensic and Valuation Services Group, Becky has worked on many complex legal engagements and has been in combative situations but doesn’t feel that she has experienced inequity based on being a woman. Certified as a CPA initially, Becky then ultimately broadened and deepened her skills to pursue a meaningful role in the world of forensics. Throughout her career, she has always been in a male-dominated environment and quite often has been the only female in the room, but most of the time she has not felt disrespected by her male colleagues. 
The War that Keeps on Evolving - Cybercrime
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It is a common belief that cybercrime emerged with the introduction of the Internet. However, the history behind what we know today as cybercrime dates to the 1830s with the invention of the telegraph. In the early years, cybercrime was not malicious but instead born out of curiosity for how this new technology worked. The first cyber-attacks were more like misdirecting calls and listening in on conversations. As communication technology advanced, so did cybercrime. Today it is responsible for financial losses exceeding $4.2 billion. With technology continuing to advance and cybercrimes becoming more and more sophisticated, this seems to be an endless war. 
Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Insights for Manufacturers
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It has been almost one year since we first heard the words “pandemic.” During these past twelve months, some industries have been harder hit than others by the crisis that struck in early spring 2020 and then has continued to ravage the global economy ever since.

As you are well aware, the manufacturing and distribution sector is one that has been impacted significantly by the far-reaching impact of the Covid-19 crisis. It is important to consider the range of challenges that many of these companies, like you, have had to face.