Greetings. Here are your Articles for August 2019
The New Jersey Department of Labor Is Taking Aim at the Independent Contractor Model of Business
Authored by,
Kenneth L. Moskowitz, Esq.
Steven R. Rowland, Esq.
Brown Moskowitz & Kallen, P.C.

On July 19, 2019, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (“DOL” or “Department”) issued a task force report which concludes that misclassification -- classifying “employees” as “independent contractors” -- appears to be “prevalent” in numerous industries including “construction, janitorial services, home care, transportation, trucking and delivery services, and other labor-intensive low-wage sectors, where employers can gain a competitive advantage by driving down payroll costs.” [1]  The task force made numerous recommendations to deter misclassification, including the threat of criminal prosecution of those who misclassify, and the revocation/suspension of their business licenses. 
[1] Report of Gov. Murphy’s Task Force on Misclassification (July 2019)
Machinery & Equipment Valuation: The Basics
Authored by,
Lee Diestelow, BSChE, MBA, MCMEA
Senior Valuation Analyst
Sobel Valuations LLC

Valuing Machinery and Equipment (M&E) assets differs from other appraisal disciplines because an item's value can differ depending on the specific circumstances of examination, such as liquidation value, going concern value and/or installation costs. This article will provide some insight into the terminology and methodology used by professional Machinery & Equipment appraisers as they develop an opinion of value. 

Meet Valerie Carroll
Forensic and Sobel Valuation Group
 As a part of our series of Forensic and Valuation employee spotlights, this month we are introducing you to Valerie Carroll.
Valerie has traveled an interesting career path on her journey to SobelCo where she serves as the administrator in the firm's forensic and valuation practice. She began after graduating from Montclair State. Armed with a B.A in fine arts she decided to follow her dream of working in New York City.