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News Update for the week of November 23,2015
Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We have had a busy week preparing some really cool interviews, attending some awesome conferences and, as always, meeting with some people who I'm sure you will want to meet thanks to CMSWire. 

"Atmel's Sander Arts: Making Semiconductors Social" this week on "Connecting...with Bill Sobel" on CMSWire

It's no small irony that Internet searches for master  B2B marketer and passionate Internet of Things (IoT) evangelist Sander Arts typically serve up their results accompanied by ads for home improvement services and industrial-grade sandpaper.

Note to algorithms: Sander Arts, the Dutch-born Vice President of Corporate Marketing for San Jose, Calif.-based semiconductor manufacturer Atmel Corporation, is not only very much human, he is pioneering new ways to use social media in industrial marketing.


Exclusive Interview with with a real evangelist!

Guy Kawasaki: Apple, Evangelism and Avoiding the Bozos

There are Silicon Valley legends and then there's Guy Kawasaki.

 John Lunn, senior director of developer and startup relations for Braintree, PayPal's multi-device global payments platform, is that rarest of hybrids in the tech world: a dreamer and a doer. 

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