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We welcome you to learn more about us and BE PART OF. 
SATURDAY, October 10th 6pm-9pm

JOIN US for a gathering of FTR members, folks in recovery, and anyone who respects our 1st rule: Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated. 

Live Music by Dealin' in the Dirt
Speakers sharing their stories of strength, hope, and adventure
Food for purchase at affordable prices
Access to Food To Recover  Dietician's

Cost per adult is $5, anyone under 18 enters for free.  FTR is a non-profit organization. 
We are a sober gym and community gathering center for people in recovery. 

 We invite you to come down, hang out and get to know more about us!

Looking to be of Service?
Volunteer with FTR

10/24 Saturday @ 2 pm
- 2nd Annual Warm the Soles for the Homeless @ Pioneer Park held by Rachel Santizo and Veronica Alvarez. We are accepting donations all month long. We are looking for new socks, new gloves, water, granola bars. Anything to help to homeless prepare for the cold winter. There is a donation box at FTR gym 789 West 1390 South or you can call 385-414-7174.   **Socks are the most needed item at homeless shelters**

11/1 Sunday @ 12 pm - Planting Bulbs at the Salt Lake County building. Not only are we helping out the city, but next year we get to watch these beautiful flowers grow and know we were apart of it. Please bring water and wear closed toed shoes.

Service is at the CORE of Fit to Recover.  Not only are these great ways to help others and get outside of oneself, it is a prime time to build relationships and get to know the community a little better.  We welcome you to join us! 


5 Tips from Coach James on how to be best prepared for class. 

1. Be on time. If you are not 5 minutes early, you are 10 minutes late. 

2. Make sure you get signed into class. Check with the instructor or FTR representative checking people in on the IPad. 

3. Hydrate the day before you plan to exercise. 

4. Have a small snack before class (30-60 minutes).  Something like an apple and 10 grams of protein.  Also have a post workout meal planned.

5. Leave your phone at the door.  Maximize the time you have allotted to your physical strength and overall well being.  Whatever it is, can wait one hour.  Promise. 

FTR will be participating in StrongFirst's Tactical Strength Challenge  on  Saturday October 31st .  This is a 3 part event.  A Max Deadlift, Max Pullups, (or flexed arm hang) and a 5 min kettlebell snatch test for reps. This is a fantastic StrongFirst article on best practice for those getting ready for the TSC: Deadlifts, Snatches and Pull-Ups: How to Improve Your TSC Numbers. Not participating this round?  You can still come check it out and cheer on teamFTR as we go for our personal bests.  10/31 - 9 am @ FTR.   

Ask me  any questions or for info how to get signed up,  it's not too late!
Check out our class schedule come have fun and we will see you soon for a work out.  
FTR's Women's Group

Every Thursday evening at 6 pm there is a Women's Group at Fit to Recover.   This is a place for women in recovery to come together, to support each other and lift one another up.   It is a great place for the newcomer to meet other women in recovery. 

Women create a special energy. When we come together as women we are able to get real, vulnerable and raw. Sometimes we are not able to accomplish those things with mixed company.  FTR's women's group is an opportunity to bond and grow together in a safe place.

We know that it can be scary walking into a room full of women that you don't know!  Rest assured this is a place of healing.   A place of safety.  All women are welcome.

This group is facilitated by Lacey Garcia.  Being a woman in recovery Lacey has found that she needs other women's support and guidance.  Other women in recovery taught her how to be a woman and walk with grace.   Women forget how much we can support and help each one understands us like us. 

"FTR's women's group has done so much for me.  To put it simply, it is a place where I can go and fee a part of.  Trust me, there is nothing comfortable about walking into a room of women who I don't know.  But through being uncomfortable I've been able to grow and change.  I love this group and how it has benefited my sobriety and my sanity.  For that I am grateful." - Belinda M.

Food To Recover is the nutrition component of FTR.  Be sure to find our Food To Recover dietician's at Saturday bootcamps, the FTR Social on 10/10, and a FoodTR Workshop on 11/11.  In the meantime, keep up with FoodTR on their  blog.

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