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Work, Planning and Collaboration Under
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 Social BPM

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We now have two exciting book launch events.
Social Business Forum 2011 where issues to be addressed include collaboration, marketing and innovation in the era of empowered employees, customers and partners.

Our lead author, Keith Swenson, is a keynoter at this event. Download

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When: June 8, 2011
Where: Milan, Italy
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BPM Conference Europe 2011 by IRM: Theory, visions and practical implementations by practitioners, experts and thought-leaders from around the world.

When: June 8-10, 2011

Where: London, UK


One of our leading authors, Sandy Kemsley is presenting a workshop at this event and another important author, Marco Brambilla of WebRatio has a booth.

WebRatio will be giving away free books during the conference to lucky draws. Be sure to visit them on the show floor.

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About the Book - "Social BPM"
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The Quantum Organization:
How Social Technology will Displace the Newtonian View 




Business Process Management and Workflow are, by their very nature, social activities. The collaboration and communication patterns that are now increasingly referred to as "social computing" were also fundamental to the BPM and workflow models of the early 1990s. Yet it has been the recent explosion of social computing and accompanying success of social production, from Linux to Wikipedia, and Facebook to Twitter, which has the most dramatic impact collaboration in business environments. 


Today we see the transformation of both the look and feel of BPM technologies along the lines of social media, as well as the increasing adoption of social tools and techniques democratizing process development and design. It is along these two trend lines; the evolution of system interfaces and the increased engagement of stakeholders in process improvement, that Social BPM has taken shape.   
Social BPM - Work, Planning and Collaboration Under the Impact of Social Technology
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The Quantum Organization:
How Social Technology will Displace the Newtonian View

Keith Swenson, Vice President of R&D, Fujitsu America Inc.

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We find ourselves standing on the crux of a change so profound that it will affect every aspect of our working lives. It is a change in the very way that we think about organizations and how people interact within organizations.
While this book is about technology that is used in the workplace, the root of the change is not a technological one. It is a change in how organizations work. The old way of viewing the workings of an organization was founded in the revolutionary ideas of Newton and Descartes, which brought about organizational structure in the Industrial Revolution. But Industrial Revolution ideas are being replaced by Information Revolution ideas, and management is feeling a crisis similar to that felt by physicists when the Newtonian view of the universe was replaced by a quantum view of the universe. We can use this shift in the field of physics as a parallel that illustrates the same kinds of changes that management science and information technology are seeing today.

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Publication: 8 June 2011

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Size: 7"x 10"

ISBN: 978-0-9819870-8-8

Pages: 234 pages
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Read the complete Introduction containing full Table of Contents and Abstracts of each chapter--14 pages PDF (450k) (no registration required).

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