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Facebook has made an announcement and LinkedIn has hinted to one, about a personal digital marketing assistant service that will work for you.  That is right Facebook or LinkedIn will manage your schedule, calendar and contacts if you allow it.  Other news includes live stream YouTube gamer videos as Twitter ads going international.  What are you waiting for?   Let's get started! 
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1.) Facebook is testing a Personal Digital Assistant Feature in Messenger called "M".  " M can actually complete tasks on your behalf.  It can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and way more."   

2.) Facebook Page Changes are coming.  Most of the changes are "above the fold" and are aesthetic updates.  They won't affect how your page runs.  These updates include: a smaller profile picture, realignment of tabs, smaller text for page title and category, and a more prominent call-to-action button.  In addition, all other buttons that appeared over the cover photo will now be aligned below the cover photo. 

3.) Its easier to view your page as a visitor.  Click the link to see Mari Smith's screen shot of how to view your page as your viewers' would see it. 

4.) There is a new "Donate Now" call-to-action button for non-profits and organizations. 

5.) Facebook introduced a video management update.   They are cracking down on video "freebooting", where page managers upload videos they do not own.  Facebook is working with an Audible Magic system to address this issue.  This system also makes it easier to further target the correct videos to the appropriate audience. 

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Twitter Ads go international.  Twitter has  expand their self-service ads platform from 33 countries to over  200 countries and territories.  

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1.) LinkedIn is gradually introducing a new messaging experience to its US user base.  This update will be rolled out internationally as well.  This includes the ability to send chat messages that contain: Stickers,
Emojis and  GIFs.  These updates are to encourage more personal communications among LinkedIn Members.   

In the announcement, LinkedIn even hints to intelligent messaging assistants, and voice and video messages "to make conversations more compelling".

2.) With this new messaging experience they have redesigned the LinkedIn user interface.   Follow the link to see which sections have moved and where to find them. 

3.) LinkedIn SlideShare has made it easier to clip presentations, and to share and save content.  Perhaps you don't want to save or send a whole presentation.  This features allows you to focus on specific content within the presentation.  

1. ) You can now think (or upload) outside of the box on Instagram.  Users are now allowed to  upload portrait and landscape images to Instagram.  This means they are no longer held to the perfect square image. 

2.) In this same update 3 new photo filters have been taken from video filters and added to image filters.  They are called  Clarendon, Gingham & Moon. 

3.) Updates have been made to Instagram Direct Messages to make it easier to send content to a user or group.   Watch the video  to see the new addition to the mobile interface .

Google+ Icon
1.) In my  last newsletter I talked how Google is now a component of Parent company Alphabet.  Google has taken it one step further with a re-branding and new logo.  They share it is easier to view the logo across multiple devices where the previous logo was built for only desktop viewing. 

2.) Native Gmail Ads are available directly in AdWords.  This update includes rich and interactive ad formats, advanced display targeting  and gives user control over the ads they see.  

3.) Created to make it easier for the Ad Designer to move seamlessly in one dashboard, Google has moved TrueView Video Campaigns into the AdWords interface.

YouTube logo
YouTube Gaming is now available .  This latest update blends gaming videos and live streams.  You can now watch your favorite Gamers as they play interactive video games online.  YouTube claims it "brings you closer to the games, gamers, and culture that matter to you".   View the experience here

Meerkat logo
Meerkat is bringing live hashtags to their platform.  When users create a live stream, they can include hashtags in the title to increase stream discovery.  The new update also tells them of trending hashtags of both scheduled content and current live streams as well. 

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