Leadership Class 41   
Post Seminar Overview 
Social Issues
January 2019  
Class 41 spent three days in Tacoma learning about domestic violence, poverty, homelessness, and drug abuse. They gave of their time at a local food bank, rescue mission and homeless shelter. Each participant (and some spouses/significant others) learned about and demonstrated servant leadership in a new way that will have a lasting impact on each of them in different ways.

What Class Participants are Saying:
  • This seminar reiterated to me how important it is to lead in a way that is empathetic and serves all people. The societal issues that we delved into could affect anyone and we need to face these issues head-on if we're going to make a positive different in our communities.
  • This seminar really opened my eyes to problems that exist, but that I don't see every day. Social issues are pervasive in nearly all communities whether we see them or not. This seminar gave me more perspective on these issues and the programs that are available to help others.
  • I learned better ways to communicate with our neighbors who are experiencing these types of hardships, and how to better show up for them in a way that does not disparage, but rather empowers them to take the actions that will lead them to where they want to be.
  • There is always more to the story. It seems so easy for us to say, turn your life around, get clean, wait in line (immigration). But the reality is it's not that simple, and this seminar helps to reinforce this point. We need to remember to celebrate the people who do succeed because of the long road they have had to endure, and we need to have compassion for those still on the road.


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