January 2021
Indigenous Issues 
Gender, Care Work and the Unequal Impacts of the Pandemic
February 24, 6-7:30pm (online)
Our Social Issues Discussions return this February, with a conversation about gender, care work, and the unequal impacts of the pandemic.

The pandemic has exposed and deepened inequalities in our society and threatens to roll back decades of progress towards gender equality. At the same time, not all women and gender-diverse people have experienced the pandemic in the same way, and racialized and Indigenous communities, lower-income workers, and caregivers, for example, continue to face distinct struggles.

Join us for a discussion on how diverse women—with a particular focus on women from communities experiencing marginalization—have been “frontlined and sidelined” by the pandemic.

Register here on our website.
New reports and resources
Vibrant Communities Calgary has published the Poverty Snapshot in Calgary – Laying Bare Inequities: COVID-19, Gender, Race and Precarious Employment. Summary of findings is available here.  

A report by CWF, ONN and CCPA - Recovery through Equality: Developing an Inclusive Action Plan for Women in the Economy - argues that “centering marginalized women and focusing on initiatives in fragile women-majority sectors – many of them undervalued care sectors – can provide women with the broadest and deepest pandemic economic recovery.”

A new briefing paper from Oxfam – “The Inequality Virus: Bringing together a world torn apart by coronavirus” – warns that the “coronavirus pandemic has the potential to lead to an increase in inequality in almost every country at once, the first time this has happened since records began." Read the summary or the full report.  
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