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Volunteer Appreciation is coming up this month at the Women's Centre! 

This is an opportunity for us to appreciate and thank all our volunteers for their hard work, passion and dedication in delivering the Women's Centre's programs and services! The volunteers help with everything from Peer Support, events or workshops, to football and casino.
This event is open to the whole Women's Centre community! You are invited to come down for a night of thanks, snacks and connections. Volunteer Appreciation is Wednesday, October 23 from 5:30 - 7 pm at the Women's Centre.

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Friday, October 4 
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Youth and Children

Experts say it is not unprecedented for women to play central roles in social and environmental movements - particularly when it comes to issues that affect health and home. What is different this time around is just how young many female participants are.

This year, school boards in Toronto and B.C. have rewritten their rules for what students are expected to wear, putting the emphasis on student choice instead. Some parents and teachers are wary of what that will bring to the classroom, others are supportive.
Women and Environment
Women leaders who support climate action are being attacked online with increasing regularity, as they represent a double "threat": by being women in a powerful position and by espousing policies that directly challenge traditional norms of masculinity.

Women and Elections

It's been a century since women won the right to run for federal office, yet they are still significantly underrepresented. Not only did fewer women run for office than men in the past decade, but they were also elected less often.

Each presidential hopeful in the US election race must prove they are the best fit for the job, regardless of gender. But some argue the women are up against something more: unconscious biases that have long coloured our understanding of who a leader can be.

Indigenous Issues
Tribunal ordered Canada to enter into talks to determine compensation distribution and who qualifies.

Winnipeg is home to the start of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womens and Girls Inquiry, and home to thousands of Indigenous people. Now writers and authors are positioned to tell their communities' stories.

An Indigenous judge says the current system of justice and the criminal code itself are not effective in dealing with crime involving Indigenous people and do not honour First Nations' traditions. "We don't have a word for crime [in the Blackfoot language]. Our word is mistake."

Toronto city staff have proposed the creation of a gender equity office and strategy for the city, something one supporter on council says is "long overdue."

The burden of care for aging relatives is reshaping the lives of millions of Americans.

We would like to acknowledge that the Women's Centre is situated on the traditional
territories of the Treaty 7 First Nations people and is also home to M├ętis Nation of Alberta, Region III.