Maine Gun Safety Coalition is a grassroots organization founded in 2000 to protect Maine families and communities from gun violence. They educate parents, administrators and the public about issues relating to gun safety, voice the concerns of their constituents to elected officials about gun legislation and provide free trigger locks to prevent the accidental discharge of weapons by children and unlicensed individuals.
They are starting a project called Show Up Network (SUN) having concluded that the only way to get gun safety legislation passed in Maine is to make sure legislators hear from gun safety constituents in the same large numbers that the gun lobby is able to mobilize. Their goal is to facilitate gun safety supporters to show up, call up, email and text in large numbers too.
Sympathetic Legislators have made one thing clear: until gun safety advocates show up at the State House, email and call in large numbers to advocate for laws that will save lives, they won't be able to rally enough votes to pass life-saving gun safety bills.

Watch this space and future Action Alerts to learn how to get involved!
While the poverty rate in Maine was starting to gradually trend downward, COVID-19 has upended some of our progress and exacerbated hardships. According to the Census’ Weekly Pulse Data, in Maine, more than half of adults living in households with children lost employment income since March of 2020, while more than one in three of Maine adults living in households with children reported difficulty paying for usual household expenses in the past week.

The impact of the pandemic on families and children has made our shared goal of reducing child poverty while also strengthening Maine’s workforce more important than ever. Given the data, community needs, and progress we have made to date, the Steering Committee believes Invest in Tomorrow can make the most meaningful difference in 2021 working on the following priorities identified in the 2018 Invest in Tomorrow report.

Please see the 2021 Invest in Tomorrow Priorities Overview for details on opportunities to move this work forward in 2021.

We must keep acting to address voting rights! Contact your Representative and Senators and urge them to vote for the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

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If you have questions about how to engage in advocacy, or want to learn more about the legislative process here in Maine, starting with the Maine Council of Churches advocacy series is an excellent place to start. All programs run from 6:00pm-7:30pm.
February 23 – Who Invited God to Augusta? 
A look at the theological and scriptural foundations for doing faith-based advocacy work, including case studies of recent legislation in Maine where this work had an impact.
March 16 – Process and Perspectives
An overview of the legislative process in Maine and the importance of using non-traditional lenses for analyzing proposed policies’ impact on people of color, women, and those experiencing hunger, homelessness and poverty.
April 6 – The Legislative Landscape This Session
Hear from policy experts and MCC partner organizations about specific bills before the legislature and how you can make a difference in their outcomes.
April 27 – Practice, Practice, Practice
Former Maine state legislators will reflect on their experiences in Augusta and offer advice to faith-based advocates on how to be most effective. They will also hold a mock committee hearing to provide participants with the chance to present testimony and receive feedback on how their message was received.
To learn more and register, visit the Maine Council of Churches.