From the personal to the political, SF Documentary Festival presents powerful stories about social justice and human rights June 1-11 at Roxie Theater and

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Owning a home – the cornerstone of generational wealth -- is increasingly out of reach for people of color. In Detroit, a group of Black women fights against scammers, evictions and traditional banks to help make The American Dream a reality for all.
Within a community of motels infamous for illicit activity, the Shaw Family grapples with housing insecurity and addiction while trying to raise their young son. A vérité, street level vantage of post-industrial America, documented over eight years, on one city block.
Amidst an onslaught of attacks from a sitting President and the deadly threat of a global pandemic, local election administrators work around the clock to secure the vote for their community.
An Israeli anthropologist is traveling to meet a hidden Jewish community in north Ethiopia, together they are telling their special story of survival . Abera, a young artist joins to discover what has been hidden from him.
Malcolm Kenyatta, the self-described “poor, Black, and gay kid from North Philly” is running for the United States Senate. But this race is about more than taking on Malcolm’s political competition. It’s about taking on an entire system.The film examines a key question facing our nation: what does it mean to be “electable”?
Homeless individuals in Oakland, CA, tell their struggles, experiences and hopes - in their own words - through cell phone footage. The film follows three individuals as they move from one site to the next, all while chasing the elusive miracle that will deliver them out of their current situation.
While serving life sentences in a dangerously overcrowded and drug-saturated prison system, 50 men embark on a radical journey to become some of the first incarcerated Substance Abuse Counselors in the country.
Four sex workers caught in the spiral of addiction turn to a self-proclaimed healer offering friendship and a path to salvation from the streets inside his roadside RV. But just as they begin to rebuild their lives, a shocking betrayal comes to light that will change them all.
SF DocFest co-presents at Frameline Film Festival
Blue ID (Turkey), Thursday 06/15 @ 6:00pm, Roxie
Rüzgar is trying to live authentically under constant media attention in the country with the highest transgender murder rate in Europe. Blue ID is a story about privacy versus isolation, the paparazzi, and being an out transgender public figure in a society with extremely strict distinctions between male and female... and deadly consequences for those who dare to defy those notions.
Out of Uganda (Switzerland), Tuesday 06/20 @ 2:00pm, Castro
Philip, Hussein, Remy, and Shammy are the dignified, human faces of an unfolding crisis: these refugees — two gay men, a lesbian, and a transwoman — are among the thousands whose lives are in peril due to draconian laws that criminalize homosexuality in Uganda. Their stories, and that of their families back home, are urgent and necessary, unfolding in this timely documentary screening on World Refugee Day.
Taking place all day Sunday May 28Th, 2023, Another Hole in the Head Festival's live online event the Warped Dimension is dedicated to the Odd, the Eerie, and YES—the WARPED! The films will be streamed to a registered audience via the Zoom platform at scheduled times (no VOD), with live filmmaker Q&As and audience participation.

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