Urgent 2 Hour Online Social Media Liability Course Protects All Public Employees
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"If you really want to rebuild the public trust, avoid lawsuits, and comply with new 1983 federal training standards, stop giving verbal warnings and make my expert $9 per person online social media liability course mandatory for all employees."
*There is a one-time portal set-up fee of $297
Governmental Administrators, In-House Attorneys, And HR Agree, There Is No Excuse To Not Make My $9 Social Media Liability Online Course Mandatory For All Employees...
"Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz proved today that if you don't have a social media law expert train your employees, you put your employees and organization
at great legal risk."

- Chief Craig Dispenza,
Freehold Boro Police, NJ
"Mark, after reviewing the program, the Sterling Heights Fire Department enrolled 100 firefighters in the course."

- City of Sterling Heights
Fire Department, MI

“Mark, thanks to you, our city manager approved your Social Media and Records Management Policy you did for us. Your assistance in this entire process
 is greatly appreciated."
- Pat Cabrera, Office of the City Clerk
Las Vegas, NV
"Through this training my unawareness became knowledge and my fear became confidence and competence."

-Doug Hutchens, City Manager
Dunedin, Florida
“After reviewing the content, this training was absolutely essential to the protection of my personnel and department. Mark has reasonably priced this training in order to get it to everyone. If you’re not training your staff on the dangers of social media, you are asking for litigation. Thanks for an excellent training program at a very affordable price. It is appreciated. I will definitely recommend this course to others.
I will also forward the flyer to the regional
chiefs through our regional association."

 Chief Shawn Burns, West Texas A&M University, TX
Your Social Media Policy Doesn't Fully Protect You In Court. You Must Show Documented Proof That All Employees Received Expert Social Media Liability Speech Training...
Social Media is classified as a high liability broadcasting issue. Do you have documented proof that all employees were trained by a licensed social media attorney specialist on these issues...
  • Nuances in new First Amendment rulings
  • New federal laws on off-duty speech
  • Hidden liabilities of private accounts
  • Differentiating between pure opinion and fact
  • What jokes, memes are "free speech"
  • New libel and libel by implication laws
  • Retweeting, likes, and sharing liability
  • Copyright and trademark infringement
  • New video and livestreaming privacy laws
Legal Authority: See Need For Training Is Obvious: City of Canton, Ohio v. Harris 489 U.S. 378 (1989), Monell v. Department of Social Services, 436 U.S. 658 (1978). 42 U.S. 1983, New Social Media Policy Federal Standards: Liverman v. City of Petersburg 844 F.3d 400 (2016), Social Media and Smartphone Are High Risk Platforms: Packingham v. North Carolina 137 S. Ct. 2001 (2017), Riley v. California 134 S. Ct. 2473 (2014)
Solid Legal Advice From A Top
30 Year Digital Media Law Expert
Before You Fire Or Discipline An Employee
For Social Media Violations, You Better...
Make sure that all your employees have my online course completion certificate in their personnel records.
“Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz is not only a leading expert in the area of digital media law, he is one of the most passionate instructors I have had the privilege to hear as well. I strongly recommend this expert social media liability training.”
John Latty, Hall County Government, GA

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The Biggest Mistake That Delays My Expert Training Is Thinking Any Attorney Can Teach My Type Of Specialized Social Media Liability...
Unless your busy in-house attorney is a 30 year digital media attorney that specializes in social media and has trained over 100,000 public employees, there is no possible way my specialized training could be duplicated in-house.
"Great program. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves your public image,
and big legal fees."

- Cindy Reid, Attorney, Davidson, NC

"In Mark's class, I not only learned what I didn't know, but was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong."

-Louis Carnell, Division Chief, Hillsborough County Fire, FL
4 More Compelling Reasons That You Need To Make My Online Social Media Liability Course Mandatory Training For All Employees

You Lose Public Trust
And Legitimacy

Taxpayers Pay
For Higher Premiums
No Qualified Immunity
In Social Media Cases
Employee Personal Assets
Can Be Attached
Social Media Speech Mistakes Cause Citizens To Question The Legitimacy Of Your Organization
The #1 Question That Ignites
A Loss Of Public Trust
And Big Dollar Lawsuits
Law and legal questions concept with a red question mark sign and a wooden judge gavel on a desk with grey background 3D illustration.
If you had previous incidents, or knew employees use private social media accounts on/off duty to vent their frustrations without much oversight, why didn't you immediately give them outside expert social media liability training?
Long Island firefighter apologizes for Facebook post against Muslims
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"Mark, I completed your online course. The information provided in your course was insightful and gives a good perspective of potential pitfalls and legal liabilities associated with the use of social media.”

Sgt. Angie Booth, Tallahassee Police, FL
  • Unaware that the U.S. Supreme Court classifies social media as a "high liability" HR issue, not just a public relations issue.

  • Claim that your busy in-house attorney has the same expertise as a 30 year social media attorney to train employees.

  • Exposing PIOs and social media managers to "unlicensed practice of law" claims by having them write social media policies and train staff.
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Man acting as a witness pointing out someone to the judge
Fired or disciplined employees for social media policy violations will point the finger at you for only giving them vague verbal warnings. Their attorneys will prove that you never clarified the policy with expert training on what off-duty social media jokes, opinions, and political speech are classified as "Free Speech".
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Decision-makers Are Held Personally Liable For Using These
3 Excuses To Delay Urgent Social Media Liability Training...
Portrait of a male judge pointing
  • We can't afford $9 per person and a one-time portal set-up fee of $297 for outside expert training.

  • We have a social media policy from a reputable association or policy service and we warned our employees, that's good enough.

  • Our attorney knows as much as a 30 year social media law expert, and can train employees.
"Attorney Fiedelholtz took social media training to the next level. This course is a must for all public sector organizations."  

- Battalion Chief Brian Stoolhoff, Ocala Fire Department, FL
white smartphone with social media bubbles  like_ tweet_ friend_ share_ photo  isolated white background

99% Of On/Off-Duty
Social Media Speech Mistakes Are
Linked To...
  • Inadequate expert training on new First Amendment laws governing off-duty opinions, jokes, and political speech.

  • Inadequate expert training on new federal privacy and discovery laws regarding private social media accounts.
My Attendees Agree, You Won't Find My Type Of Specialized Social Media Liability Training Taught In-House Or At Conferences...
"Mark, I recently completed your online course. The value of the content compared to the price point is outstanding. The format of blending
case law, real scenarios, and commentary, is excellent. I feel good about using this program
to train my entire staff. I will recommend
this course to others."

Chief David McCoy,
University of Richmond, VA
Watch These Compelling Videos...
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This Shouldn't Be A Difficult Training Decision

When A 30 Year Nationally Recognized Digital Media Attorney Specialist Offers You An Expert $9 Per Person Social Media Liability Course That Saves Careers And Your Public Image, You Need To Immediately Register All Your Employees...
There is a one-time portal set-up fee of $297

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30,000 Public Sector Professionals Can't Be Wrong
"Mark Fiedelholtz's online social media liability course is a must training for any public agency who wants to protect their employees as well as the employer from often misunderstood social media liabilities."

Alberto Duenas, Central Marin Authority, Larkspur, CA

"I would like to thank you for the time you took explaining to me the value of your course. You were not just selling, but were genuinely concerned about the liabilities of the officers. Your course has helped reduce our liability and has increased our knowledge in Social Media Law. The costs are minimal and the rewards are great. Thank you for your service."

Chief Wayne Woods
City of Johnson Police Department, AR

“Your class opened my eyes to the liability that lies beneath the flashy facade. I had no idea of the possible legal ramifications of simply liking a post or other new social media liability issues. I would highly recommend this course to every Fire Department across the country."
Fire Engineer, Steven Ford
Flower Mound Fire Department, TX

You Learn A Powerful...
Social Media
"Red Flag"
Warning System
Employees Learn New Skills That Take The Guesswork Out Of Determining...

  • What opinions and jokes are "Free Speech" under the new First Amendment U.S. Supreme Court and federal rulings.

  • When you do and don't have privacy on your personal social media accounts and devices.

"What an eye-opening course. Mark's new strategies save your job and keep you from being sued. All law enforcement and others need this expert social media law training."

Shaun D. Jones, Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office, VA

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Apologies Are Nice, But Taking My 2 Hour Online Course To Avoid Costly Social Media Mistakes
In The First Place, Is Much Better...
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Online Course Supported By Public Safety
Associations Across The Country
Missouri Police Chiefs Association
North Carolina Association Of Fire Chiefs
Online Course Registration Information
Course Goals: Mitigate social media liability exposure and comply with new 1983 federal social media training and policy standards.

Instructor: 30 year Digital and Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz

Delivery: Online self-study or can be done as virtual conference style for in-service group

Different Course Length Available: 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours
* All course formats are $9 per person and have the same core content. The 4 and 6 hour formats include optional content from my social media law resource center to give participants more credit hours in the states that accredited my online course.

Group Rate: $9 Per Person plus a one-time $297 department portal set-up fee

Course Review Program: $79 (Click Here To Register)

Credit: You receive a $79 credit back if you decide to purchase the group rate.

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