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Alan Berkson
Intelligist Group, LLC

Alan Berkson is founder and principal at the Intelligist Group, a business strategy advisory service. In a fast-changing economic and technological landscape, he specializes in fostering change within organizations to ensure growth and 
profitability. Alan is a seasoned leader and innovator with diverse Director, C-Level, and Strategic Consultant experience. For over 25 years he has provided top-tier service 
to companies from one-person firms to enterprise-level corporations-across Wall Street, the United Nations and Main Street-by wielding his own brand of nontraditional 
business strategy. His greatest successes have been in helping businesses maximize value from their core strengths and by aiding/nudging/cajoling the creative process.

1.5 CE
21st Century Communication:
Moving Your Business Beyond Social Media
February 15, 2012,  8:30 am to 10 am, Breakfast at 8am
Hosted at: Citrin Cooperman and Company, 529 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor, entrance on 44th, New York, NY
Cost: $49 for members, $129 for nonmembers

Social media has changed the way consumers shop and forced business to re-think their tried and true marketing strategies. In today's competitive environment, having a strong online presence and strong social media awareness is a requirement. However, the era of social media is morphing. The conversation needs to be raised to the level of addressing an environment of pervasive communications.


This seminar will help you understand the rules and how to guide your business to success in this 21st Century landscape.

Agenda includes:

  • Pervasive Communications: What is it and Why is it Important?
  • The Single Factor that Drives All Buying Decisions
  • Knowledge Abundance -- What It Can Mean For Your Business
  • How to Leverage Social Media for Marketing & Customer Service
  • How to Manage Your On-Line Reputation
  • The Steps Necessary to Build & Maintain Your Personal & Corporate Brand -- And Why Both Are Important
  • How to Consistently Receive "In-bound" Leads
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