Why Do We need Social Media Metrics ?
Understanding the Value of your Marketing

MarCom, sometimes spelled “marcomm”, is your marketing communications plan---how you target your interactions with current and potential customers. A MarCom plan frames strategies and activities to keep you on track, but shouldn’t limit you to new thoughts and responses to the market place. All of the media you use to reach your market should be periodically evaluated, and if needed updated or repositioned.
Through the use of social media metrics you can verify that you’re making smart marketing decisions. Some say social media reports need to drill down to all sorts of details. There are key categories that will give you most of the top level data to guide informed strategic thinking. Experts in the field of metrics agree that at a minimum these 5 social media metrics should be measured:
1. Engagement The number of total clicks, comments, shares, favorites and rep lies show how much people are engaging with your brand.

2. Volume – Measurement of volume highlights interest in your brand or campaign. It includes the measurement of both messages and the people who provide them.

3. Influence – Influence does not always relate to the size of your audience. It’s more about the people talking about your brand and the impact of their influence on your brand.

4. Reach – Measures the amount of unique accounts that have seen your posts---the size of your viewership.

5. Share of Voice – Is a brand’s advertising activity as a percentage/share of the ad activity across the sector of competition.

Social media metrics promote data-driven decisions that help us to market smart. We would be happy to help guide you through the process. Visit www.gbgandassociates.com for more information.