From President Frank H. Wu:

It has been brought to our attention that there were social media posts yesterday by a QC student organization, “QCMSA,” that deny the brutal actions and atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7, 2023 and excuse the kidnapping of civilians, including children, the elderly, women, and men. Queens College strongly denounces such obviously false and misleading posts that in no way represent the views of Queens College. This behavior is contrary to our community values.


While we respect and uphold freedom of speech, this same right includes our condemnation of the denial included in these posts of the obvious atrocities that occurred on October 7. We will not hesitate to denounce what is so deeply hurtful, offensive, and damaging.


The Office of Compliance & Diversity is conducting a thorough review and investigation of these matters. Following findings, those who are found to be in violation of policy may be subject to sanction and/or disciplinary action. We have contacted and will continue to cooperate with the NYPD regarding these incidents. 

We urge all the Queens College community to respectfully engage in civil dialogue and factual discourse, consistent with college and university policies as well as governmental laws. We will continue to provide opportunities through programs and forums, as an institution of higher education committed to the pursuit of inquiry. 

My responsibility is to protect the members of our institution. We will continue to communicate candidly and promptly.

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