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December 2010
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Twitter's promoted tweets in timelines
LinkedIn launches company pages
Facebook Deals
The rise of social commerce
Facebook messages
Twitter instant notifications
Twitter's top 20
LinkedIn: removing comments
Brands & Facbook
Sherrilynne Starkie Greetings!

Was 2010 the year that your company got to grips with social media? Hopefully the social internet is now fully on you radar and is becoming part of how you do business every day.

Either way, this issue of Social Media News is chock full of recent stories from my blog including news, information and tips to help you on your way.

And, for the first time, I've included a special, exclusive offer for my newsletter subcribers too. See the story below for your chance to get a free social media analysis for 10 lucky readers.

Whatever your issue, concern or opportunity, feel free to ping me or give me a ring if you have any questions or want to bounce some ideas around.

The very best of the festive season to you,


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Twitter's promoted tweets in timelines

When Twitter launched promoted tweets earlier this year, the plan was to roll them out gradually in various places. First we saw them in search on, later in search through Twitter's partners, and now they are coming into the user timeline. Initially, this is being tested with HootSuite. Twitter icon

The idea is to see how Twitter users react to and engage with promoted tweets in the timeline so they are displayed in a way that's both useful and authentic to the Twitter experience.

Click here to read on.

LinkedIn launches company pages
LinkedIn is launching company pages to help businesses attract new customers using trusted, professional product and service recommendations.
LinkedIn logo
The idea is to showcase products and services by making it easy for people to become brand ambassadors, building on word-of-mouth marketing. They are invited to write and share endorsements to build out their own personal brands, highlight expertise and provide value to their connections.

Already, tens of millions of professionals follow more than a million companies on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on new developments and opportunities. Company pages will make it easier for businesses to engage with these professionals by serving as a dynamic, content-rich profile of record. In addition to product and service endorsements, businesses can display videos, featured product information and targeted ads on their page.

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Facebook Deals bridge the location gap

For businesses that don't 'get' Foursquare, Facebook has just launched Deals. This new services helps bridge the location gap and bring greater value to bothFacebook companies and people. Looks good!

Click here to see the video.
The rise of social commerce
Today's shopper has fundamentally changed and wants a new buying experience. Trust in big brands is low. People want to gain confidence in what they buy from their friends and insight from their community.

Social technologies are enabling this shift in shopping habits. They are maturing from being social for the sake of being social in marketing, to a new and transformative phenomena.These are the finding of a recent study, The Rise of Social Commerce, from from the Altimeter Group.

Click here to read my summary and to see the report in full.
Facbook announces messages
FacebookFinally, Facebook has launched its new messaging service. It sounds a lot like Google Wave, but a lot more inclusive. Early access is by special invitation only and it's going be rolled out over the next couple months to the rest of the world.

Click here to see the video that explains the concept.
Twitter introduces instant notifications
Twitter icon

Twitter has introduced instant, push notifications for @mentions.

Whenever an account that is followed mentions a user, that person will immediately receive a notification. The idea is to ensure that people know who is talking to or about them on Twitter so they can continue the conversation in real-time.

Click here to read on.

Twitter's top 20
My monthly league tables of who are the most popular and the most influential people on Twitter continue to be among the most popular posts on my blog.

As I am splitting my time between Britain and Canada these days, I've been producing two separate tables.

The idea is to create a bit of competitive fun, but more importantly it's to demonstrate that, just because someone is popular on Twitter doesn't necessarily mean they are influential. I use two tools to come up with my lists. Twitter Grader looks at popularity; TweetLevel looks at influence.

Click here to see who's on Ottawa's Twitter top 20.

Click here to see who's on the Isle of Man's Twitter top 20.
Removing comments from LinkedIn

Suppose a government department sets up a discussion group in LinkedIn and then, when it doesn't like the tone or content of the discussion taking place, the comments are taken down.LinkedIn logo

"It would never happen!" I hear you exclaim. "To do so would go against all recognised best practice for the social internet! To do so would invite derision, hostility even, from members of the community! The government department would immediately suffer in terms of credibility and integrity and important relationships could be materially damaged!"

It's true. In a perfect social media world, these things would never happen.

But, the real world, social media and otherwise, is not perfect.

Click here to read on.
Study: how brands interact on Facebook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beyond, a digital consultancy which is part of the NextFifteen group has just published the findings of a study on how people interact with brands on Facebook.

The study analysed more than 14,000 posts on the corporate Facebook fan pages of the world's 100 most valuable brands and conducted a consumer poll of 4,000 people based in the UK and the US. The purpose of the study was to find out why people become fans, what keeps them engaged on fan pages, what the true sentiment of people's contributions are, and how users can become brand advocates.

There are four main recommendations to brands. Click here to read on.

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