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Social Media Recruiting Strategy Checklist:
Part 2 of 3! (continued)

This includes what you will say or share on social media for recruiting. Think about sharing information that is to the point, meaningful and relatable to your readers.

It is important to develop your own style! This is the voice you will use to share your messages and to post your job openings. This may refer to your literal voice if you use video or audio, but can also refer to the 'tone' of written content. 

Consider how often you will post content and job postings. Also, think about the time of day and day of the week you will post. Review your analytics to monitor results. Once you have identified the best times to share your information, be consistent with that going forward.

Your targets are the audiences you want to reach, i.e. job seekers, job promoters and anyone else who will help you spread the word.

Determine what strategies you will use to help your targets notice you on social media. Strategies could include frequency and timing, as well as boosting your postings and targeting specific demographics and professions.

Stay tuned for part 3! To be continued......

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Social Recruiting is Here to Stay!
As social media continues to evolve, and new platforms come into the market, it appears that social recruiting will continue to be a key part of modern talent acquisition strategies. This is why it is critical for companies (especially small businesses) to actively use social media to aid in recruiting efforts. The companies and recruiting teams that think outside the box stand to benefit the most and attract the best possible talent.

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