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Social Media Recruiting Strategy Checklist:
Part 3 of 3! (continued)

Use creative strategies in your social media recruiting. By joining in on conversations with hashtags, commenting on posts, and engaging with followers, you can improve the reach of your company. When you share job postings and encourage employees to share them too, you can get your job posting in front of thousands of people that are already connected to your company in one way or another.

Last year alone, 73% of candidates were successfully hired through social media efforts. There is no better place to start your recruiting process than with the 3 biggest networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While these sites may seem obvious, online research shows that YouTube, Google+ and Instagram are up and coming and should be on your radar as well.

This allows you to inform your community about your social media channels/platforms. Include links to your company social media sites in your advertisements, on your website, in emails and in company newsletters.


One of the biggest drawbacks of recruiting without the right tools is that when everyone is hired, there is no record to learn from. Determine how you will track your progress by monitoring social media analytics and your website analytics.
Next Step:

With all this information, you are now ready to post your job opening on social media!
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Benefits of Using Social Media To Recruit!
  1. Shortens Hiring Time: Social networking sites not only make it easy and fast to communicate with candidates, it also allows them to respond faster.
  2. Better Employer Brand Awareness: Social recruiting is effective, not just in finding you the ideal candidate, but also in increasing the visibility of your brand. By advertising new positions on social media, you strengthen your brand and create some level of trust among potential employees.
  3. Reduces Cost of Hire: A simple Facebook ad can for instance get you over two times more visibility than the traditional recruitment methods like classified ads in the dailies and job boards.
  4. Opens the Door to Engagement: As interested individuals seek out more information regarding the job opportunity, your social media page gets more engagement. These conversations keep your page active and give you the opportunity to engage with potential employees. 
Alternative HR Welcomes Dana Wohlwend!
Alternative HR is pleased to welcome Dana Wohlwend, Support Services Specialist, to their team!

Dana Wohlwend joined the Alternative HR team in 2022 bringing a wide range of skills to the position. Dana has previous human resources and benefits experience, as well as several years of education, training and teaching experience with Kilian Community College and Southeast Technical College. Dana taught a range of classes including business, computer and accounting.

In her position with Alternative HR, Dana will provide accounting support, manage and optimize internal processes and software systems, and support the company’s HR consultants as they work with clients and projects.
Dana is a member of the Sioux Empire Society for Human Resource Management (SESHRM) and has previously served as Workforce Readiness Coordinator for that organization.
Dana is also an entrepreneur, and has been the owner, operator and promotor of Sioux Falls Food Tours for the past few years.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Human Resources & Benefits Management
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Software Systems

Dana has a BS in Human Development and an MS in Industrial Management from South Dakota State University.

She can be reached at dwohlwend@alternativehr.com.
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