Is it Possible to Reach More People via Social Media then in a formal service?
Yes, if you're in England! According to Olivia Rudgard, a religious affairs correspondent for The Telegraphy.

The statistics suggest the church has now reached a tipping point where more people follow its online accounts than attend church services. Around 1.1m attend services at least once a month, while the church estimates 1.2m people are "reached" every month via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 
A New Way to Journal
I recently had lunch with a friend who shared with me something that she was doing that filled her heart with pure joy, illustrated bible journaling. It takes some bible journaling to a new level, allowing you to tap into your creative brain.  

When she finds a verse that speaks to her heart, she puts it into her journal, and then she begins to decorate the page with pieces of art, some that she draws herself, others that she purchases from the website Day Springs. They offer journaling kit includes that include stickers, tip-ins, die-cut pieces with Scripture prompts and washi tape. According to Day Springs, “It's a whole new way to experience the Advent of Christ!” I agree, check out their site. It might be just what your church needs to start a new bible study group!

Here is a picture of my friend's journal, her extraordinary, joy-filled work of love! 
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