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Social Security: Educators need to Know the Facts!
1. Massachusetts teachers do not contribute to Social Security, but it is still important to check if you have earned enough "credits" through other employment for you to be eligible to collect a benefit.
Note: The government implemented the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) meaning your Social Security Benefit will be based on a "modified formula" which entitles you to Social Security at a reduced rate. 
2. Your spouse may have worked at a job that was covered by Social Security, so it is important to figure if a spousal benefit will factor into your calculations for retirement. Perhaps your spouse has passed away, therefore you would need to calculate a survivor benefit to see how it may or may not impact your pension.  
3. Social Security Benefits can be filed and suspended. This is an important fact that many Massachusetts Public Employees do not know. Learn how you can maximize your filing and suspending. There are some guidelines that should be followed (too many to discuss here.)
4.  Social Security is insurance and was designed as a safety net for retirement income.
Your decision about when to retire is personal.  Talk to a us. We can help you through the process of maximizing your pension and Social Security benefits. Our office understands the MTRS and can help you better understand how Social Security works in conjunction with your pension. Get the facts and you'll get what you deserve.  Good luck!
By Barbara Jacobs
So you think you know how Social Security benefits are applied to Massachusetts public employees?   


If you think you know all the facts about Social Security from what you learn in the teachers lounge or from another public employee colleague, you may be surprised.  I hear it all the time from our clients.  "Massachusetts teachers do not collect a social security." Not true!  The truth is that all MA public employees that pay into or paid into social security would be eligible to collect a retirement benefit if they qualify for benefit as described by Social Security.  In other words, if you paid in prior to becoming a public employee of MA and or work part time in the private sector, and paid into Social Security FICA, and you meet the requirements of Social Security to receive a retirement benefit than you can collect the Social Security retirement benefit.  We help our clients better understand and maximize their social security retirement benefits.   Social Security is complex and you should learn the facts.

John Eggers
We help families plan and prepare for their insurance and financial planning needs.  You can meet with us individually at your convenience, in our office, in your home or at your work place.  There is no cost and there is no obligation. Give us a call today and prepare for tomorrow.

John Eggers 
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