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                                                       January 17, 2014

Adobe has integrated two key products in their Marketing Cloud service. Adobe Campaign, previously known as Neolane, is an analytics tool that helps create personalized experiences based on customer habits and preferences. It is now being integrated with Adobe Experience Manager, which helps manage content across channels while helping content creators with agile, rapid deployment across owned media... 

The most influential voices in the industry appear to agree: 2013 was a big year for content marketing. With more companies shifting away from online advertising banner ads and looking for more effective and authentic ways to connect with customers, smart marketers turned to a number of content marketing strategies and tactics highlighted by industry thought leaders such as Joe Pulizzi, Michael Brenner, Robert Rose, and Ann Handley. They and others emphasize how brands can better engage and delight customers with content... 

As of January 2013, LinkedIn implemented a policy that has since taken on the acronym SWAM (Site Wide Automatic Moderation). The name SWAM was not officially given by LinkedIn - it was coined by the platform's users, and has since stuck. The basic tenets of SWAM are that if a member of a LinkedIn Discussion Group is either blocked or deleted in one group, he or she will automatically be marked for moderation in all other groups they belong to...

Marketing is at its best when it's perfectly aligned with the needs of its audience. In the years right up to the end of the last century the marketing bible followed Jerome reality of social media marketingMcCarthy's 4Ps, where the path of any product or service from its point of origin to the consumer was determined by the mantra of Product, Place, Price and Promotion.  This is a fundamental truth and in reality it has not changed. A product or a service are still important. The consumer's ability to find it is crucial. The price plays a critical role in uptake. And promotion helps create the necessary buzz, brand recognition and brand value that can lower impulse buy resistance and augment sales... 

With over 1 billion users, Facebook serves as a great platform for reaching your business's ideal customer. But what are the best ways to turn that audience into actual paying customers? The key is engaging your fans and drawing them to your website before carefully guiding them through a carefully designed marketing funnel that gets them to pull out their wallet and BUY something! Learn how in HubSpot's latest ebook on Facebook marketing. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a scientifically proven, logical, step-by-step progression from interest to purchase.

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What makes this event different? Beyond meeting friendly social media pros who are at the top of their game, here's what makes Social Media Marketing World unique: 
  • Highly valuable, pitch-free content - our trademark at Social Media Examiner. 
  • Extensive networking opportunities - you'll make priceless professional connections because we built this event to include networking after keynotes and lunch, and a memorable opening night party on an aircraft carrier-the USS Midway! 
  • San Diego waterfront in late March - while much of the country is thawing out, you'll enjoy a land and sea experience in sunny San Diego at the bayside Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego. 
  • First-class conference experience - from the moment you arrive on Wednesday, you'll be provided for at every turn.  You'll never be left wondering what to do or where to go. 
  • Vacation opportunity - if you've never visited America's Finest City, why not come early to San Diego and make a vacation out of it?  Beaches, surfing, the world-famous San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, LEGOLAND, San Diego Safari Park and tons more...

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