Summer is upon us! The sun is shining, school is out, and pools are finally open - to Sandcastle all the yinzers go!


For many, the summer season is a time to take a break from small group as vacations and social activities start to fill schedules. As a small group leader this can be a much needed time of rest and rejuvenation; it can also be a time of fellowship between your group members through activities that will help to deepen friendships even when your group is not meeting regularly.


There are so many different ways to stay connected throughout the summer - here are a few fun ideas our groups have done in the past that have proved effective!



One of the many benefits of summer weather is the ability to eat outside. Invite your group members over to your home, or a local park, for a potluck picnic dinner! Have everyone bring a dish, blankets, and some fun games to play together. During dinner, have your group members share a high and low of the past few weeks to catch up and to see how you can prayerfully support them during this season.


Serve Together! 

Nothing bonds people together quite like serving alongside one another. Look for opportunities to serve your local community, whether at a food bank, a church event, or providing meals to families in need. If you are looking for suggestions, please email Shannon Libengood.


Share Quality One-on-One Time! 

As we discussed, schedules become hectic during the summer months, so gathering your group together may seem more difficult than finishing a Primanti's sandwich in one sitting - don't be disheartened! Instead, use the summer to schedule individual time with each of your group members. Grab breakfast on a Saturday morning with that group member who can be quieter during your group gatherings; invite the newer couple over for coffee and dessert one evening after work. The options are endless and your group members will appreciate you seeking them out specifically!


Send Email Updates!
Send a weekly synopsis of what you have been studying during your personal quiet time, and ask your group members how you can be praying for them. This is a quick and easy touch point so that communication is not lost during the absence of weekly gatherings and you can keep tabs on how your group members are doing. Make sure to include some fun things as well - vacation pictures, new summer recipes, etc.!

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