ARRIVAL:  7:45am - 8:10am | TARDY AFTER:  8:10am
DISMISSAL:  3:00pm - 3:30pm

How to Sign In a Tardy Student
Students who are tardy MUST be checked in by a parent in the Middle School Foyer. The parent MUST stay with the student until they are checked in and screened for entry. The student will have their temperature taken before they will be allowed to attend class. Please note: 3 or more tardies will result in a change in student status to Remote Instruction. NO STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED AFTER 9AM.

Mid Day Leave-Return
There will be no Mid-Day Leave-Return permitted. Students who have mid-day appointments will need to utilize remote learning on that day.

Late Pick-Ups - Afternoon Carpool
Students waiting on parents who are late will not be sent to Afterschool as was done previously. Late Parents will need to park their car, call the office and someone will bring their student to them. After 3 late pick ups, students will be asked to move to Remote Instruction.

  • All students will be required to wear masks. Face shields are permitted ONLY if a mask is worn underneath.
  • All students should have a lanyard with their mask to keep it from falling on the ground.
  • All students will be required to wear uniforms.
  • There will be no hot lunch or counter service.

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