The Crothers Consulting Team welcomes...
Alwyn Dias is a seasoned and trusted coach and mentor - his creative solutions help organizational performance through authentic employee engagement. He now joins the Crothers team as a Lead Consultant & Coach.

Alwyn’s international background has provided clients the benefit of exploring the diversity that is inherent in any work environment. Born in Liberia and having lived in England, Saudi Arabia, and Spain, there is a unique global perspective that is intertwined in his work. 
The core principle of Alwyn’s coaching philosophy is to meet the leader where he or she presently is. His focus is to support individuals in realizing their true authentic leadership ability versus what is prescribed, and he achieves this by “leading from behind.”
Valentina Tedesco recently joined TeamCrothers as a Coach & Trainer.

Valentina’s coaching and facilitation work is grounded in the belief that anyone can learn and transform how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors influence their outcomes. Whether she collaborates on leadership development, effective teamwork or anything in between, she incorporates Design Thinking principles and practices to unlock empathy and creativity at the individual and collective level. 
Welcome to Alwyn and Valentina! We are very excited with the talents and experiences you bring to our team.
Understanding personality profiles can improve collaboration

DiSC, a non-judgmental personality and behavioral assessment used by more than one million people every year to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity, is a great tool for high-growth companies. In this video Valentina explains how an understanding of style and preferences can impact your success.
Want to learn more about DiSC? Check out our training program about working effectively with different styles.
Reframing to change your outlook
How is it that two people can look at the same challenging situation and have two completely different explanations?

Crothers Coach & Trainer Wendy Van Besien offers suggestions about how to reframe a situation for a better outcome.
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