Finding Your Courage - Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh  My!
Dear Friends, on February 15, 2018 (today) we have the first of three Solar Eclipses for the year and I wanted to share a bit of a story about finding your courage associated with the signs of Aquarius and Leo. 
Thank you for sharing the journey with us and may you move in harmony with the Sun, Moon & Stars!
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Eclipses Come in Pairs

Eclipses, eclipses, eclipses! Why are they so important? Eclipses bring a burst of energy into each of our lives that drives us forward on the journey of the soul. Additionally, eclipses occur roughly every 6 months and energizing opposite and complimentary aspects of our birth charts and our lives.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when a New Moon takes place near the Nodes of the Moon. Because there are two Nodes, a South Node and a North Node, there are two eclipse seasons each year. Further, because the Nodes of the Moon are at opposite points of the zodiac, solar and lunar eclipses take place in roughly six month intervals and the burst of energy that comes with an eclipse energizes our lives for about six months.

For example, the Solar Eclipse we all tried to see (it was cloudy in Las Vegas) on August 21, 2017 at 28 Leo has been energizing our lives since the summer of 2017. Now, the Solar Eclipse on February 15, 2018 will be at 27 Aquarius, energizing the opposite side of the zodiac from the previous Solar Eclipse for the next six months.

Since each pair of eclipses energize opposite sides of the zodiac, similar themes in your birth chart will be energized from different perspectives. As a result, the eclipses will be focused on the same theme in life, but from a different perspective. Second, while the signs for the eclipses will take place in the same signs for each and every one of us, these house placement of the eclipses will be uniquely determined by your individual birth chart.

Leo & Aquarius - Self-Worth

Let's look at the signs of Leo and Aquarius, which oppose one another in the zodiac. This is not a bad thing. Rather, each sign reveals something about the other. So, Leo reveals something about Aquarius and Aquarius reveals something about Leo. These two signs are connected to what is known as the Axis of Self-Worth (along with Taurus and Scorpio). Leo and Aquarius are concerned with being truly confident in yourself so that you can be creative and express yourself in a manner that honors your individuality. Being true to yourself, trusting yourself and your potentials is affected by the degree to which you feel worthy about yourself.

Consider the Lion, the symbol of Leo, in the Wizard of Oz. He begins the story as the Cowardly Lion. He has a low level of self-worth and lacks confidence in himself. While he roars and attempts to scare Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man, he is afraid of everything, including counting sheep so that he can get some sleep.

Enter Aquarius and the Kindred Spirits that allow us to recognize who we truly are. For the Lion, his new companions, Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man, are his Kindred Spirits. Each of them are looking to discover something about themselves and each of them is looking for something different. They are Kindred Spirits because they are on the journey of self-discovery together. As they each encounter individual challenges on their journey, the others support their efforts. To complete their journey, they must encounter the Wicked Witch, find the Wizard and then find the courage to confront and defeat the Wicked Witch before they can return to the Emerald City and the Wizard of Oz.

Their journey together has two keys.

First, they each have a unique, personal fear they must overcome in order to recognize their personal gifts. The Scarecrow fears his is not smart enough. The Tin Man fears he will never have a heart. The Lion fears his fears. Dorothy fears she has no place to call home. These fears are connected to the archetype of Leo.

Second, together they have the opportunity to support one another on the journey to overcome those fears. Kindred Spirits succeed because they share the journey together, and in the process, become who they are each individually meant to be. The shared journey that results in each of us becoming who we are meant to be is connected to the archetype of Aquarius.

So, February's Solar Eclipse in Aquarius brings the energy of individuality, both in terms of what truly inspires you and the Kindred Spirits who share your passions. This eclipse serves to energize your passions and the Kindred Spirits who share the journey of self-discovery that Carl Jung called Individuation.

Sabian Symbols

As you might expect, the Sabian Symbols for the August 2017 and February 2018 Solar Eclipses also express an enlightening and complimentary perspectives.
The Sabian Symbol for the August 2017 Solar Eclipse is:

'A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves
ready for rebirth in human form'.
This is a symbol of new beginnings, new potentials and possibilities that have been swimming in the unconscious that are now ready to be recognized and become a part of your life.
The Sabian Symbol for the February Solar Eclipse is:

'A Tree Felled And Sawed  
To Ensure A Supply Of Wood For The Winter'.

The intention of this symbol is to have an awareness of the skills and gifts that you have developed and the role that they will play in the future. Because this symbol is in the sign of Aquarius, the focus is on the individual quality of your skills and gifts. While each and every one of us has gifts to share with life, the quality of those gifts will be different in each and every one of us.

Connecting the eclipses and the signs of Leo and Aquarius, this eclipse is urging each of us to be both more fully aware and confident in our individuality. We are meant to feel strong in our sense of self-worth and in the process, to honor the inspirations that are emerging from our hearts and minds and to share those gifts with our Kindred Spirits and with life. That is inspiring!

Who will be impacted

With the Solar Eclipse at 27 Aquarius, planets and angles at the last 8 degrees of Aquarius and Leo will be particularly impacted. While the Solar Eclipse will impact everyone's chart in a unique way (by house and in some cases hitting a planet or angle), there are some groups of people that will be impacted as a group.

If you were born between 1953 and 1957, the Solar Eclipse will oppose your Pluto. It is important to note that on a day to day basis, Pluto tends to function in an unconscious manner. We embody our Pluto, but we are not fully conscious of his qualities from moment to moment. This eclipse brings a powerful potential both to bringing to light old, karmic wounds and the potential to heal those wounds. You can benefit by being aware of any old wounds that come forward and recognize that now is a great time to take action to let go of the past and become more confident in the present.

If you were born in most between September 1960 and October 1961, the Solar Eclipse will oppose your Uranus, energizing your soul's desire to trust what is unique in you and to find the Kindred Spirits who share your aspirations. We often struggle to recognize, accept and embrace the aspects of ourselves that are make you the individual that you are. This is an inspired to time recognize and trust yourself.

If you were born between February 12 to 19, the Solar Eclipse will conjunct your Sun. If you were born between August 15 to 22, the Solar Eclipse will oppose your Sun.   In both cases, the eclipse will energize your soul's desire Know Thyself, to take confident action to express yourself and to shine, like the Sun and the Sun god, Apollo.

Individually, it is possible that your birth chart will have the Moon, Venus, Mars or another planet or your Ascendant or Midheaven impacted by this eclipse. So, each eclipse has the potential to powerfully energize your chart birth chart.

Finally, as with all astrological events, this Solar Eclipse will energize each individual's chart in the context of their lifetime themes and the other important transits taking place in the months ahead. In fact, the transits that you will personally over the next six months often highlight when and how you will feel and experience the eclipse.

This Solar Eclipse complements and further energizes the themes of Leo and Aquarius, that each of us can engage in the journey with our Kindred Spirits and learn to trust our individual gifts and truly shine.

May this eclipse energize your movement in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars and illuminate the magical soul you are!

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Solar Eclipse 2018 
Solar Eclipse 2018

Jupiter In Scorpio
The Neptune In Scorpio Generation
Anyone born roughly between 1956 and mid-1971

Neptune is the archetype that represents oneness that which is eternal and timeless in us. The universal truth held within our consciousness that enters this world with us. But, alas, we enter as an infant, dependent on others to keep us alive. This is how the veil of self gets pulled over us, causing separation from our universal truth, and it is this veil that we, as children, form our identity around.
Neptune represents both the veil and our timeless nature. Neptune creates fog, lack of clarity. This fog can block us from seeing the truth of who we are.  For example, in the mist of early morning, we see a rope and are riddled with fear because we think we see a snake.
For spiritually focused individuals, our unfolding journey involves periods of struggle to remove the veil so that we can see clearly.

For anyone born from 1956 to mid-1971, this is one of those times where there is a heightened awareness of the veil and any pains it might be holding within.
From roughly 1956 to mid-1971, Neptune moved through the sign of Scorpio. Each individual born during this time has the planet Neptune in the sign of Scorpio.

This becomes a generational transit as do all transits of the outer planets that move so slowly. They form waves of energy that impact the lives of all individuals born for large swaths of time all across our gorgeous planet Earth! 

For the Neptune in Scorpio generation, spirituality is deep and so are emotions.  These emotions can often get stuck, bottled up and feel like wounding in the unconscious mind. 
Persons with Neptune in Scorpio look to penetrate the depths of their soul and there can be a tendency toward the dark or critical examination of life and things can get heavy.  Enter Jupiter and his optimism and potential for healing!    
Since the end of 2017 and, until the end of 2018, Jupiter is transiting the sign of Scorpio. Jupiter provides optimism, expansion and a vision for the future.  To Neptune in Scorpio, he says it is time to step into the clear light of love cast by your divine nature!
Jupiter has a rich archetype and he is often referred to as the Guru planet. Gu means 'from darkness' and Ru means 'one who removes'.  Guru means a guide who can direct a soul out of the darkness and toward the light. We each hold the most important Guru of all within us and this transits reminds us of that. 
For anyone with Neptune in Scorpio who is spiritually oriented, moving from darkness to light is a lifetime quest. Jupiter is here providing an opportunity to cut through the fog and discover our timeless nature and enhancing our ability to live life from the seat of the observer, the seer.
Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Neptune 
From Oct 2017 to early November 2018, transiting Jupiter in Scorpio will move over every degree of the sign of Scorpio. Hence, for all individuals born from 1956 to mid-1971, during this period you will experience Jupiter conjunct Scorpio and this time of the potential for deep healing of old wounds that no longer serve.
This transit occurs every 12 years for each person in this group. Since all in this group are older than 46, we are all experiencing our 3rd, 4th or 5th transit of Jupiter through Scorpio.   
Some may have already done the deep healing and can share their gifts with others at this time or continue to expand their consciousness.  This is a great time to join with others on a similar quest and to heal deep wounds and misconceptions.  Others are just beginning the process, but all of will likely feel impacts from this transit. 
The intensity of the potentials for healing grow over time as awareness of Self grows on our unfolding journey!
Here are dates and degrees:
Jupiter will travel direct  
until Mar 9, 2018,  
when he goes retrograde  
at 23 Scorpio
By this time,  
most everyone  
in this group  
will have been  
impacted once.
Jupiter will travel retrograde  
until Jul 9, 2018, all the way  
back to 13 Scorpio.
This will be the  
second pass for  
each person.
Jupiter will then travel direct  
until he leaves Scorpio  
in early November 2018
The final pass for 12 years
If your Neptune is between 8 Scorpio and 29 Scorpio, you will experience this transit three times in the coming year. If your Neptune is earlier than 8 degrees of Scorpio, you likely already had this transit and will not re-experience it.

It is important to remember, that what is most important with this transit is to know how your chart is specifically impacted.  For example, some of you will experience this transit at the same time as your Second Saturn Return, or just after, or right before (those from 1957 to 1959) adding an additional twist!

That really puts the cycles of astrological transits into focus in a real and tangible way and we will continue this important discussion over the course of the year!

Please Share

We are all in this together, if you want to write us and share a sentence of two that sum up what you are feeling at this time, we would like to compile those experiences to share in our next newsletter as it can be so helpful to know that we are not alone on this journey!