July 2 Solar Eclipse
June 2019
Dear Friends, welcome to Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere)!

This newsletter is a bit like the fireworks on the Fourth of July. Astrologically, the Solar Eclipse on July 2 will light up the zodiac (a day prior to Wolfram's birthday)! We explore the personal meaning of this Solar Eclipse and the impact it will have on the chart of the United States.

For us personally, both the eclipse and this newsletter mark the completion of our second year in Las Vegas. Over the past two years, we have settled in our new home and found our “favorite things” from restaurants (Bavarian, Italian, Indian and of course, Mexican) and coffee shops to day trips to Mount Charleston, which resemble our favorite places in the Bavarian Alps.

Wandering through one of the many antique stores has added to the decoration in our home. We have found doing the “Strip” for a day, whether for a Moody Blues concert, a water fountain display or to meander in a “world” that actually does resemble Venice (a bit) to be a lot of fun. Las Vegas is becoming more comfortable day by day and our gardening adventures remain a process of discovery.

We have also been blessed by you and the opportunity to be of service. Thank you for sharing the journey with us!

Blessings and peace, Wolfram and Sappho
Solar Eclipse in Cancer - July 2, 2019
The Solar Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse will light up the zodiac on July 2, 2019 at 10 degrees of Cancer. 

While eclipses are always an important transit in our lives, since this eclipse takes place on July 2 and the USA was “born on the fourth of July”, it will also impact the chart of the USA.

So, this Solar Eclipse is both personal and social.

In this newsletter, we will explore how eclipses work, how this Solar Eclipse will impact the chart of the USA and how you can work with this eclipse to energize your life.

Eclipse + Transits + Circumstances = Powerful Impact

Eclipses are powerful transits, but are best understood as one of many transits that are synchronous with the unfolding events on the soul’s path. In a transit forecast, you become aware of transits occurring in your chart that come with opportunities and rewards (think Jupiter), but also others that bring frustrations and challenges of various kinds (think Saturn, Neptune, Pluto).

The transits of the Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt in our lives between a few months (for some transits of Jupiter and Saturn) and a few years (for transits of Neptune and Pluto). While all of these transits set the theme for a period of time, generally, important events do not happen on the precise day when an important transit is exact. Rather, these long-term transits set up the circumstances that you will experience in your daily life and you may sense an opportunity that is coming or frustration that is building, but the ‘events’ associated with these transits are often triggered by other transits.  
A Solar Eclipse often serves as a triggering transit, during the course of larger transits.

An eclipse is a burst of energy that can release the energy that has been built up by other transits. The events that are triggered by a Solar Eclipse can be either positive or negative. Importantly, the events that are triggered will be connected to the unfolding of your path in life. 

If you are making progress and attending to both your path and the needs on that path, then the eclipse can speed up your path to fulfillment. However, if you have been avoiding or resisting (consciously or unconsciously) the frustrations and challenges in your world, the eclipse can trigger a crisis of some kind, which is a demand from life to pay attention to the tension that has been ignored.

Sometimes, a Solar Eclipse can feel like a sudden and powerful wake-up call.
The best preparation for any eclipse has two simple steps.

Step one is to be as aware as possible of the circumstances in your life. Are you experiencing pressure or frustration? Alternatively, do you recognize the opportunity that is coming? What is going on at this time? Often, a transit forecast can help you to be aware of the types of opportunities and challenges you are likely to experience at any given point in time. 

Step two is to begin to take action to embrace the opportunity or resolve the frustration. Note that you do not have to do everything at once. Simply take the first step and then take the next step.

Remember, a Solar Eclipse can be your friend when you are aware and taking action!

Solar Eclipse & USA

Since the Solar Eclipse will occur on July 2, 2019 at 10 Cancer, it will directly impact the Sun in the USA chart (“born on the Fourth of July”) at 13 Cancer.

Let's perform some astrological detective work on the Solar Eclipse related to the United States. To do this, let's turn back the clock to the events of 1973.

Summer 1973

One way to understand how eclipses work is to look to past Solar Eclipses that hit the same point. One important Solar Eclipse took place on June 30, 1973 with the eclipse at 8 degrees Cancer and conjunct the USA Sun at 13 Cancer.
As we noted in the last section, powerful transits often build pressure that is released by an eclipse. 

At the time of the eclipse in the summer of 1973, two important transits were taking place: one in the chart of the United States and another in the chart of President Nixon (needless to say, the topic of impeachment was also in the air at that time).

In the chart of the USA, transiting Pluto was conjunct the USA Midheaven, revealing that there was powerful pressure on the social structures of the nation and, since Pluto's transits are slow moving, this pressure had been building.

In the chart of President Richard Nixon, transiting Saturn was in Nixon’s 10 th house and conjunct his natal Pluto, which energized a power struggle over exposing the truth via the Watergate Investigation and his resistance or obstruction of that investigation.

Solar Eclipses tend to impact a chart from just prior to the eclipse to a few months after and this eclipse “triggered” sudden change. Just five days before the eclipse, on June 25 th , John Dean began his testimony before Watergate Committee. 

About two weeks after the eclipse, on July 16 th , former White House aide Alexander Butterfield informed the Watergate Committee President Richard Nixon had secretly recorded potentially incriminating conversations. 

The eclipse coincided with or triggered these two important events and the sudden revelations that ultimately lead to the resignation of President Nixon. 

That is historical context from a past Solar Eclipse at similar degrees of Cancer.

Summer 2019

Fast forward to 2019. Just as in 1973, the July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees of Cancer will conjunct the Sun in the USA chart as well as impacting the chart of the President. Interestingly, the topic of impeachment is also being discussed at this time.

The Chart of the United States of America

In the chart of the United States, there is a both a background transit that is building pressure and a direct hit from the Solar Eclipse.

First , for the USA chart the pressure building in the background is related to transiting Pluto and Saturn opposing natal Mercury in 8th house Cancer of the USA chart. This transit coincides with the pressure on the press and our constitutionally supported freedom of the press. In our evermore technology driven world, media of all types are under pressure. This transit is in effect this year and will continue until January of 2021.

Mercury relates to the free press and the ability to share the truth with the public. Saturn and Pluto opposing Mercury are applying pressure to the question of secrecy and blocking both testimony and documents from Congressional oversight. 

Second , for the USA chart, the Solar Eclipse will impact the Sun of the nation. The Sun in the chart of the USA relates to how we shine as a nation and are known to the world. The USA Sun is in the 7th house in Cancer and the most brilliant moments of the nation have been achieved by building alliances (7th house) and a great example is The Marshal Plan, which aided our allies in Europe and Japan and promoted the prosperity and peace that has lasted for 60 years.

The Eclipse will generate a sudden push to become aware of what it means to be an American and this energy will be felt by people of varying viewpoints. On an already patriotic holiday, this energy will not be superficial in the sense of 'do I live here, let me waive a flag', but in the sense of 'do I align with the principles that founded the country' because that is how we shine as a nation to the world. This will be tested in some regard.

The Chart of President Trump

Much the same is true for President Trump whose natal Mercury is impacted by the Solar Eclipse and Saturn and Pluto are building the pressure in the background.

First, for President Trump, the pressure in the background is transiting Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn opposing his natal Saturn & Venus conjunction in Cancer. Since Venus rules Trump’s midheaven related to career and social status, transiting Pluto and Saturn will put his career and social status under pressure for the next 18 months (until the 2020 election). 

Transiting Pluto and Saturn are building pressure on both the chart of the country and the President. These guys can apply a lot of pressure! Over the long run, it is generally the case that resisting the powerhouses of Pluto and Saturn tends to be futile. 

Second, the Solar Eclipse will conjunct President Trump’s Mercury. In his birth chart, Mercury is square to Neptune, which often correlates with salesmanship, storytelling or a lack of honesty in the words you share. The eclipse has the potential to pop the bubble of any potential deception.

Stay tuned as the world is a complicated place right now! May this information provide some context as pressures could mount during this time in a variety of ways for our country as we have gleaned from the historical context.

Solar Eclipse & YOU

While it is relatively easy to observe the pressure building in Washington, D.C., this eclipse will also have an impact on you personally. You may already even be feeling the pressure as Wolfram is am with his Sun impacted.

The July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer will impact everyone’s chart between 5 and 15 degrees of Cancer (and Capricorn). If you have planets or angles between these degrees, look for what is uncertain, unresolved or resisted in your life.

Try to be aware of pressure or any feeling of uncertainty, anxiousness or worry about a particular aspect of your life. Look to see if there are unresolved topics, “left-overs” in your life. Ask if there is any change you want to consider or make that you are resisting.  

If you identify a topic, bring it to your conscious awareness. Talk about it. Consider options for resolving it. Ask yourself, “How would I feel if I got this off my plate?” Sometimes becoming conscious of the topic and knowing that your life can be better is the most important step.

Remember, you are the architect of your life and you decide your destiny. By being aware of the changes and adjustments that resolve old and karmic dynamics, you can be the architect of a joyful life. Let this Solar Eclipse be your friend during this summer of 2019!
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