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Dear Friends,

Happy Solar Eclipse day!  We had three topics for today's newsletter, but only one is ready.  So, to avoid a 'Virgo Crisis', we decided on two newsletters.  For today, we want to get a message out about the Solar Eclipse.

Then, in the next two days, please look for another newsletter with an article about Saturn leaving the sign of Scorpio and the things to be aware of as this important transit wraps up.  Also, a bit about Mercury Retrograde and the Great Migration occurring toward Europe.

Blessings and peace,


Scott and Sappho Wolfram
The Traveler's Well     

P.S.  Our office is open each week on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  So, our weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday.  On those days, we try to put up an out of office message, but sometimes we forget.  On those days communications flow like molasses! 

JupiterSolar Eclipse
Today, we will experience a Solar Eclipse (September 12 or 13, depending on where you live) with the Sun and Moon together at 20 degrees of Virgo. Wherever 20 degrees of Virgo falls in your birth chart, is the point that is energized by this Solar Eclipse for the fall and winter months ahead.

A Solar Eclipse energizes your birth chart and life in two ways.

First, if you are on track, following the yellow brick road of your soul's journey as I like to say, then your chart and life will be energized by this transit and speed you along. This will be a very energetic time and you will get a lot done!  This sets the stage and foundation for greater successes in the future.

Second, if you are off track, having wandered off the yellow brick road and into the poppy field as I like to say, then you could experience a setback or crisis that appears to throw up a road block and hinder your progress. The purpose of this is to 'wake you up' so that you can find your way out of the poppy field and start navigating the yellow brick road again!

If this Solar Eclipse makes direct contact to the angles or important planets in your birth chart, you could experience one of these intense expressions over the coming time. You likely will not experience this event today or tomorrow, but in the time ahead. 

If the Solar Eclipse is not making a direct connection to your natal chart, you will likely  experience this simply as energizing a theme in your life as indicated by the house in your chart the eclipse falls into (at 20 degrees of Virgo).   Here is a summary of those themes for your reference:

  • First House - Physical Body, Your Physical projection into life and how you are experienced by others, Instinctual Desires, Freedom, Beginnings, Emotional Body, Confidence, Action that serves your journey in life
  • Second House - Resources, Values, Money, Financial Security, Comfort, Self-Esteem, What becomes more valuable to you personally over time
  • Third House - Learning, Critical and Logical Thinking, Opinions, Communication and your capacity to share your ideas via writing and speaking, Siblings
  • Fourth House - Home, Family, Mother, Nurturing, Emotional Security, Safety, Identity and Heritage
  • Fifth House - How you Shine, Purpose, Creative Self-Expression, Nobility, Love Affairs and Children
  • Sixth House - Health, Service, Work Environment, Self-Improvement
  • Seventh House - Relationships - Romantic, Personal, Professional, your partner, friends, work co-workers and associates, professional network, clients
  • Eighth House - Deepest Emotional Wounds, Sexual Desires, Power, Joint Resources, Transformation, Healing, Re-Birth
  • Ninth House - Laughter, Nature, Law/Truth, Travel, Foreign Things, Philosophy, Vision of Future
  • Tenth House - Career, Social Expectations, Social Status, Authority, Maturity, Wisdom
  • Eleventh House - Deepest Aspirations, Uniqueness, Rebellion and Liberation From Social Expectations, Kindred Spirits,
  • Twelvth House - Hidden Karma, Hidden Fears, Isolation, Hidden Enemies and Self-Undoing, Impulse for the Devine, Humility, Meditation, Spirituality
Solar Eclipse Chart  

Next, this Solar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Virgo and I want to stress three main points.

First, Virgo is all about providing service to others and we all do this in our daily lives to one degree or another.  In this context, Virgo is quite similar to the words of Kahlil Gibran in his masterpiece, The Prophet:

"Work is love made visible".

The way you serve others will be brought into focus during this time. Do you serve others for their own good? Do you serve others for your own good? Do you serve others purely from compassion? This theme of service will be highlighted in the months ahead.
For those directly providing services to others as their profession (healers, therapists, astrologers, massage therapists, nutritionist, yoga teachers etc.), this theme is further highlighted because of the connection to your livelihood and makes this Solar Eclipse extra important.

Second, Virgo contains themes related to guilt, crisis, fear, worry and concern. That lays it on pretty heavy doesn't it. We can experience this in our life as habit patterns that cause us to doubt ourselves and our gifts.  When this happens, we lack the confidence and courage to share our gifts.   This might be experienced as a thought that 'I am not ready yet to share my gifts'. 

When this happens, rather than providing service and sharing our gifts, we take another class in an effort to attain perfection.   When we are perfect, then we can serve.  This is a habit of doubt that can be reinforced by Virgo.  The greatest path to honing skills is to put them to use!

Further, the cycle of fear and worry can be very destructive and in itself is hard to escape.  Fear as expressed through Virgo can often be projected into habits related to constantly worried about our health.  This habit distracts us from many other aspects of life that await our love and attention.

Third, we can also experience Virgo in our life via what I call the 'Virgo Crisis'.  We have all had them (some of us more often than others). What might this look like?

Think of preparing a dinner for guests. You want to do it all, in the next 3 hours and have it all be perfect. So, after cleaning the house, putting up new drapes, watering the plants, and painting the garage, you finally run to grocery store to shop for groceries and you go to 5 stores to get exactly what you need.  Then, with 30 minutes left, you scrub the hallway and then start 5 dishes and they all get ruined because you were not focusing on them.  The guests arrive and you are exhausted!

A 'Virgo Crisis' is a self-inflicted event.  We try to do it all (loosing site of the most important things) and we forgot to focus on what is most important.

After a 'Virgo Crisis, we feel guilty for weeks because we could not do it all and we were not perfect.  Then, we doubt ourselves the next time we entertain.

We create crisis in our world by focusing too much on every small thing that we think needs to be done and avoiding the big picture things in our life.  When we wear ourselves out, we doubt ourselves because we have nothing to show for our hard work (because we were focusing on the wrong things).

So, write yourself a prescription:  Take a vacation from your Virgo Crisis!

To prevent the 'Virgo Crisis' here are some steps:
  1. Love and trust yourself. 
  2. Eliminate feelings of worry and fear.
  3. Replace doubt with confidence.
  4. Keep your eye on the big picture, like the Eagle.  Not on every branch of the tangled shrub, like the sparrow.
  5. Be patient and calm.
  6. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.
  7. Focus on your priorities each day.
  8. Do not let the PERFECT be the enemy of the VERY GOOD.
  9. Have confidence in yourself!
  10. Share your gifts with others!
If you are prone to Virgo Crisis, observe your actions.  If you start to create a Virgo Crisis, force yourself to take a step back and reconsider what you are doing.  Change your approach so that you can share with others in the fullest way!

May this Solar Eclipse provide the energizing tonic you need
to move with greater ease and joy on your path - the mythic journey of your soul!  

May you move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and Stars!