And then there was light... the NWCA has installed a 70 Watt LED Solar School Bus Stop Safety Light at Udell & Westside Rd. Total cost $1359.37. Total cost to NWCA $859.37.

We have several people to thank - Jenny Carlson (NWCA Director) & her husband Chris Bradley of Su Casa Landscaping donated $500.00, Acres Construction donated the utility pole, Wayne Watson Excavating for a no charge installation of the pole, Jason Satterthwaite for attaching the metal pipe to the utility pole, Desiree Lantenhammer from MOTI for getting our approvals & permit and the work crew pictured below from L-R: Al Conroy, Wayne Watson, me (Michelle Carson), Jennifer Pitman, Wayne Nixon, Wayne Carson, Bill Goltz, taking the pic, Brian Arquilla and not pictured, Doug Pitman.
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North Westside Communities Association