Solar Panel Project Update                       July 12, 2017
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana

We ALL Shine On
Solar Panel Sprint Event
We will add 54 more Solar Panels to our array!
  "Well, we all shine on! Like the moon and the stars and the sun!" -John Lennon   Thanks to everyone for your generosity to the Solar Panel Sprinter Event.  We did it.  As of July 11, 2017, we raised enough money to add fifty-four solar panels to our array and not be dinked (at least for 30 years!) by the limits that were set forth by Indiana Legislators this past year. 
Please refer to the Green Sanctuary's Paris Pledge Solar Panel Sprinter Event document found by clicking here for more details about this event.

Our narrative, as a congregation who cares about our earth and the results of science, will be heard loud and clear.
Thanks to everyone who donated energy, money, and time to this event.
We raised $42,698 of the $43,690 total, which means that most of the matching funds offered by the congregation's Special Purposes Fund can be returned and designated for other environmental justice projects. (A few groups, including the Women's Alliance and RE families, are still raising the $480 they pledged for a panel, but their pledges are included in the total.)

We are also happy that we will be sending 5% of funds raised to the Solar For All project to make solar power available to everyone, including those with low and moderate incomes. People with limited incomes typically spend a greater proportion of their monthly budget on electricity than those with higher income, and have a harder time saving up for a major purchase like solar panels. On top of that, these folks -- including fixed-income seniors, workers with low-paying jobs, and others -- often do not qualify for the 30% federal renewable energy tax credit, so solar energy systems for them are much more expensive than for others. Another 5% goes to our congregation's operating funds, for administrative costs of this project.
If you are still interested in donating, we suggest additional funds be sent to Solar for All. Contact Stephanie Kimball ( ) or go to their website .  You can also donate to our Green Sanctuary Task Force, which continues to work with our overall solar panel array and other means to lower our carbon footprint and reach our Paris Pledge, by contacting the church office  staff.
The installation  will be  done by Stumpner's Building Services, our building co-chair Dick Stumpner and
 his son. They have reserved 54 high quality 300-watt LG Neon panels and a Solar  Edge  Optimizer for the church 
and ten additional panels that they are donating to Solar For All. Dick, who was part of the three-company team that ordered and installed our first array, continues to service that array, as well as work on our roof leaks and other building issues, so we are pleased to be able to support his business.
In gratitude,
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
Molly O'Donnell, Stephanie Kimball, and Marcia Veldman
 Green Sanctuary Task Force
Drew Schrader, Sprinter Fundraising Event Coach
Unitarian Universalist Church