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    Newsletter of the Texas Solar Energy Society - August 2017        

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Texas Solar Events on the Horizon 

There are a wealth of solar tours in the next few months. Find one near you and learn from the installers & owners on how to commit to clean renewable solar power.

  Brenham,  Sept.9

 Oak Hill,  Sept 30

  Dallas area, Oct.7 

  Tentatively Cypress   
  Oct.  28

  Roosevelt Park, Nov.4 


ASES Solar 2017 
Oct. 9-12
Solar Decathlon  2017
Oct. 5-15

American Solar Energy Society's 
Solar 2017  will be held in conjunction with the 
DOE Solar Decathlon 2017 in Denver.This is a perfect paring of solar events in The Mile High City.
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We are fortunate to be one of 40 environmental organizations under the EarthShare Texas umbrella . ESTx raises money through workplace giving, H-E-B's April tear pad campaign and Reliant Energy EcoShare.
Chair's Corner
DJ Rosebaugh
Welcome to the summer 2017 edition of the TXSES Solar Reflector. In this Chair's Corner, I want to express how proud I am of our volunteers who keep this organization thriving. Their work led to another successful Cool House Tour in Austin, and we are looking forward to September's Bluebonnet and Hill Country Solar Tours, October's DFW Solar Tour, and November's Solar Fest in San Antonio.
Our mission of promoting efficiency and distributed solar energy is made possible through the generous gifts of time and treasure from the many volunteers and donors to the Texas Solar Energy Society and local chapters. I am filled with gratitude for all involved.

Since our last issue, an ill wind has begun to stir in the solar industry. When I last wrote, I commented on the steep decline in solar PV system prices. That is changing - prices have been rising and some modules are in scarce supply. Undoubtedly, there are complex and multifaceted reasons for this reversal, but in large measure it stems from an international trade dispute.    Read More

Are Solar and Wind Really Killing Coal, Nuclear, and Grid Reliability?
By Joshua D. Rhodes, Michael E. Webber, Thomas Deetjen, and Todd Davidson

In April, US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry  requested a study to assess the effect of renewable energy policies on nuclear and coal-fired power plants.

Some energy analysts responded with  confusion, as grid operators and the Department of Energy's own national labs have studied the subject extensively. Others were  critical, saying the intent of the review is to  favor the use of nuclear and coal over  renewable sources.

So, are wind and solar killing coal and nuclear?  Read More

Living Off the Texas Grid, Five Years Later


By Ron Zagarri, TXSES

Mike Renner is the former President of the North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG), a chapter of the Texas Solar Energy Society. 

In an article appearing in the May 2013 Solar Reflector, Mike wrote about his and his wife's experience transitioning from total dependence on the Texas grid to a life lived generating their own energy for all their needs.

I recently spoke with Mike to learn how he and his wife Elida are coping, five years later, without a fundamental element of modern society: the power grid.  Read More

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