Blockchain Helps Us Take Green Power Into Our Own Hands
This is part of " Fight The Power," a series about the people, organizations and countries transforming the way we think about energy for the better. One way to get a job with the company you think will help save the planet is to say you'll work for free.That's what Canadian  Meagan Cojocar told  David Martin two years ago over coffee.She was 21 years old.  more

Xcel CEO Says Retiring the US Coal Fleet 'Just a Matter of When'
Xcel Energy Colorado submitted an  electric resource plan  to state regulators Wednesday, calling for a major new build-out of renewable energy resources and the retirement of two coal units, roughly a decade early.  more

In Desert Trials, Next-generation Water Harvester Delivers Fresh Water from Air
Last October, a UC Berkeley team headed down to the Arizona desert, plopped their newest prototype water harvester into the backyard of a tract home and started sucking water out of the air without any power other than sunlightmore

Samsung Commits to 100% Renewable Energy By 2020 in US, Europe, & China
After months of global protests and campaigning, global electronics manufacturing giant Samsung has announced this week that it intends to transition by 2020 to source 100% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources across all its sites in the United States, Europe, and China. more

NV Energy Contracts to Build M ore than 1,000MW of New Solar, 100MW of Battery Storage
NV Energy announced Thursday it has contracted for more than 1 gigawatt of new solar energy and 100 megawatts of battery energy capacity, in a resource plan that's still subject to regulatory approval and hinges on the outcome of a high-profile ballot measure. more

Turning your Commercial Solar Energy System into a Microgrid
An estimated 9 - 10 GW, representing 100,000 commercial solar energy systems, were installed in the US between 2010 and 2017. This is derived from Solar Energy Industries Association data, and the average size of a commercial solar system in California. more

China Could Beat the US in a Race to Get Solar Power from Highways
China, the world's biggest carbon-emissions emitter, is also the largest investor in solar energy.  In 2017, the country poured  $126.6 billion  into the solar industry - a 30% increase from the year prior - in an effort to reduce urban pollution, a problem behind health epidemics in  many Chinese cities more


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