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Renewable Energy Remains One of America's Most...

In the thick of a global pandemic, it's sometimes hard to predict what the next day holds, let alone the next month or year. Business confidence can be difficult to come by and even more challenging to maintain.

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How Solar Farms Can Coexist With Agriculture

One of the main arguments against extensive solar power installations is that solar farms require a lot of land-land that the agriculture industry craves as well. But what if it doesn't have to be an either/or choice? What if solar farms could...

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5 Research Priorities for Making Sure More Solar PV...

Solar PV is now the dominant technology for new electricity generation capacity additions. That's a huge achievement, but it brings up the vital question of what will happen to all those panels when they reach the end of their useful life. In...

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Solar-powered Hydrogen Under $2/kg By 2030

Green hydrogen generation could become cost-competitive compared to blue hydrogen by the end of the current decade in parts of the United States with good solar resources, according to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology....

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Graphine-Based Supercaps Show Promise for Wind and Solar ...

As more people rely on wireless electronics, the global demand for clean energy sources such as solar and wind rises as well. But these green energy sources also call for novel storage solutions, some of which include heat-based energy storage,...

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"Solar power is a safe form of nuclear energy. We are using fusion reactions that are 93 million miles away to make light that we then convert to electricity with photovoltaic modules"
-Sean White
In Massachusetts, More Houses of Worship Are Turning to...

The state trailed only California in the number of houses of worship with solar installations in operation last year. Houses of worship in Massachusetts are increasing their adoption of solar power, a trend that advocates say can both influence...

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Researchers Improve 'Anti-Solar' Energy Production

A new study suggests researchers have developed a method to significantly improve "anti-solar" panels - a new clean, sustainable way to generate energy at night. Solar panels work because they are colder than the light given off by the sun, so...

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Transparent Solar Panels That Can Cover Windows Reach...

Transparent solar panels, that could one day be used to generate renewable energy from buildings, have reached a record-breaking efficiency of 8 per cent, researchers have said. A team from the University of Michigan said they had also achieved...

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Virtual Executive Speaker Night Series with Tom Shane...

Join us for valuable insights from Tom Shane, the Executive Chairman of the Shane Company as he untangles the intricacies of corporate culture, leadership and decision making. Time: September 15, 6pm MDT

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EuroSun 2020 September 1–3, 2020 | Virtual Conference. 13th International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry.

Virtual Executive Night Speaker Series from Regis University and Energy Africa, September 15, 6pm MDT.

The National Solar Tour hosted by ASES and Solar United Neighbors, Sept 28-Oct 4, 2020 is the largest grassroots renewable energy event in the nation.

Solar World Congress 2020 December 2020 to November 2021 as a virtual online conference, will be celebrating "ISES at 50 - The Century of Solar".

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon ® 2021 Design Challenge April 16–18, 2021.

SOLAR 2021 August 3-6, 2021 University of Colorado, Boulder.

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