Solar Cells That Work in Low Light Could Charge Devices Indoors
Imagine never having to charge your phone, e-reader, or tablet again. Researchers report that they have created solar cells that work at a record efficiency for making electricity from the low-intensity diffuse light that is present inside buildings and outside on cloudy days. more

Global Solar PV Installations to Surpass 104GW in 2018
The global  solar PV market will add over 100 gigawatts of capacity for the first time in 2018 - and there is no looking back.  According to the latest Global Solar Demand Monitor from GTM Research, installations will reach 104 gigawatts this year, representing 6 percent annual growth. After that, annual installations will easily exceed the 100-gigawatt milestone through at least 2022. more

World Bank Grant Eyes Solar for 1.4 million People in War-Torn Yemen
The World Bank will provide a US$50 million grant for off-grid solar systems in Yemen to improve access to electricity and vital basic services in rural and outlying urban areas.
Part of the funding will go towards the commercial solar market, which has grown despite the military conflict in Yemen. The power should help to provide further support to the local economy and create jobs, said a World Bank release.  more

Solar Industry Looks for Bright Spots on Tariffs
Solar industry officials last week expressed confidence that the sector will continue to grow despite the Trump administration's tariffs on imported solar cells and modules. But they told Bloomberg New Energy Finance's Future of Energy  Summit  that the levies have hurt in the short term. more

Solar PV Systems Under Development to Assist in Military Operations
Under new funding to ACT's ECLIPS Engineering, diesel generators could soon be replaced by rapid, redeployable solar PV systems to provide a temporary power supply for military operations or disaster relief efforts.
The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced $289,725 in funding to ECLIPS Engineering to design, manufacture and test their redeployable Container Roll Out Solar System (CROSS).  more

Solar Power's New Look: More Landscape-Friendly Siting
For decades, the old municipal landfill west of Annapolis, MD, sat - closed, capped and carefully monitored to ensure that the buried refuse wasn't generating air or water pollution. Now, the once-grassy hilltop is covered with row upon row of thousands of shiny photovoltaic panels. In April, they're scheduled to begin generating power - up to 16.8 megawatts on each sunny day. more


NREL,  April 10th, 2018, Golden, CO
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Jul. 8th-13th, 2018, Golden, CO

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