Solar Surprise: Small-Scale Solar a Better Deal than Big
Just over a year ago, ILSR released a report questioning whether bigger was better in renewable energy. We examined the relative costs of big, remote wind and solar compared to near, distributed renewable power. The conclusion was that renewable energy is competitive at all sizes.  more

Google to Map Potential of UK Domestic Solar Energy Generation
Google is planning to use satellite imagery to map the "solar potential" of Britain's rooftops as part of a push into the renewable energy industry.  The data could be used to encourage British households to install solar ¬≠panels on their roofs to help cut energy bills. more

Saudi Arabia to Build Massive Solar Power Installation
T his particular vision-massive solar power generation in the sunny desert-is really nothing new.  It is part of a long-term strategy that long predates the current Saudi leadership.
The newly announced project is estimated to cost $200 billion through 2030 and eventually produce 200 gigawatts of power.

Florida Community Set to Become Nation's First Solar-Powered Town
One brand-new Florida town has taken its first steps toward becoming completely solar powered. Babcock Ranch, just north of Ft. Myers, already has residents moving in and businesses looking to get in on the action.  The town's developers hope its success will keep the federal government from imposing high tariffs on solar energy, and keep the energy source in private hands rather than government-controlled. more

US Solar Power Installations Forecast Slashed After Trump Slaps Tariffs on Panels
The United States will install less solar power than previously expected in coming years as big projects face challenges in the wake of President  Donald Trump's  decision to slap tariffs on solar equipment, according to a new report. more

Jobs in Solar Energy Increase in the Commonwealth
From 2016 to 2017, the United States saw an overall decrease in solar energy jobs, but Virginia was one of the 29 states that saw an increase, with more than 300 jobs being added. The imposed tariffs on solar, aluminum and steel in 2018 have not had as much of an impact on solar companies or the price of solar power as was expected, and there are good incentives for starting companies to go solar. more

It Starts with the Kids: Michigan Schools Part of Trend to Save $$ with Solar Project
A Flushing, Michigan, school district will soon be part of a solar project that is forecast to save the community $45,000 annually. The 1.1 megawatt solar project by Standard Solar, Inc. is a first-of-its-kind public-private solar project partnership in Michigan.  more 


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