U.S. Solar Production Increases 25.4% in First Half of...

Non-hydro renewable energy sources (biofuels, biomass, geothermal, solar, wind) set new U.S. records for both production and consumption in the first half of 2018, according to a SUN DAY Campaign analysis of data just released by the U.S. Energy...

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"Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it."
- George Orwell
Chernobyl Goes Solar With New 1 Megawatt Installation At ...

Chernobyl has been reclaimed to some degree this week as a long-awaited plan to install solar at the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history has become a reality. The new solar park at the Chernobyl reactor location was officially...

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New Discovery Could Make Solar Cells Easier to Produce...

A new eco-friendly and scalable technique uses special nanocrystals as catalysts, instead of noble and toxic materials, to convert sunlight into clean power. Renewable energies, like solar on which the world pins most of its hopes, might be...

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Access the tools, knowledge, and network you need to close solar deals, increase your bottom line, and grow your solar business. The  Solar Executive MBA  is technical, rigorous, and challenging. It's the most intense six-week course you'll ever find but also the most valuable. We developed it for leaders who are responsible for the financial details that drive solar projects.
How Zinc Batteries Could Change Energy Storage

Making the batteries rechargeable and lowering their cost are seen as important advances in enabling the electric grid to depend on power from renewable sources. Over the past six years, 110 villages in Africa and Asia received their power from...

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In Inverter Manufacturing, Only the Forward-thinking Survive

By Jason Higginson, senior director of marketing for APsystems Solar wasn't always a viable technology for meeting our ever-increasing demands for electricity. Thirty years ago, meeting the electricity needs of the United States with solar power...

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Trump Administration Foresees Climate Disaster by 2100

Last month, deep in a 500-page environmental impact statement, the Trump administration made a startling assumption: On its current course, the planet will warm a disastrous 7 degrees by the end of this century. A rise of 7 degrees Fahrenheit, or ...

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Despite Tariffs, Utility Solar is Picking Up Steam

There is no doubt that the Trump administration's tariffs on solar modules slowed procurement of solar in the United States, with front-of-the-meter utility photovoltaics taking the biggest hit. Through the second half of 2017, as the U.S.

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