Xcel to Replace 2 Colorado Coal Units With Renewables...

On Monday, Xcel won preliminary approval for its coal plant retirement plan. The Colorado Public Utility Commission voted unanimously to allow for the early closure of coal-fired units 1 and 2 at the Comanche Generating Station in Pueblo County....

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"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir
Swiss Company Introduces New Renewable Energy Storage...

A new energy storage system is using a crane and concrete blocks to address one of the biggest issues of renewable energy while cutting expenses by half compared to existing technologies.

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Organic Solar Cells Set New Energy Record Proving Viability

Although silicon solar cells may be the leader of the pack today, organic solar cells are set to be the cell of the future. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of solar energy, but not the variations of different cell types and production...

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Access the tools, knowledge, and network you need to close solar deals, increase your bottom line, and grow your solar business. The  Solar Executive MBA  is technical, rigorous, and challenging. It's the most intense six-week course you'll ever find but also the most valuable. We developed it for leaders who are responsible for the financial details that drive solar projects.
The Ocean Cleanup is Starting, Aims To Cut Garbage Patch ...

A massive cleanup of plastic in the seas will begin in the Pacific Ocean, by way of Alameda, California. The Ocean Cleanup, an effort that's been five years in the making, plans to launch its beta cleanup system, a 600-meter (almost 2,000-foot)...

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From Rooftops to Algae Pools: Orlando's Vision for...

ORLANDO, Fla. - This city has long been a leading tourist destination. Now, it is vying for another distinction: to be a pioneer in weaning itself from carbon-based energy. You can see its aspirations in the thousands of ponds all over the city...

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Bifacial Solar Panels + Solar Trackers - Do They Have A...

The desire for optimal energy production in large solar power plants has engineers looking to an invention created in the latter 1960s, a technology that has been dormant while the broader PV market has exploded. Bifacial solar cells and panels...

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Update: California Legislation for 100% Carbon-free...

Update: Governor Jerry Brown on September 10 signed the bill to transition California to 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045. Historic legislation to transition California to 100% clean, carbon-free electricity cleared its final legislative...

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