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Birdie Fundamentals: Centered Hit
Hitting the center of the clubface is easier said than done. The margin of error is in millimeters, and even PGA Tour Players miss the center often. Here are some tips to help improve your contact:
Taking and keeping a good posture from the start of your swing to the end is critical. Any movement of your spine up and down, or side to side causes the club's position to be altered. A good posture will allow your arms to hang straight down from your shoulders, making it easier to return to this position at impact. Reaching out to hit the ball makes it much more difficult to find the center.
Swinging under control is important because it allows you to be smooth and repeat your swing. Instead of going after the ball with everything you've got, reduce your aggression to 90% for consistency.
Impact Tape
Using impact tape will tell you where the ball is striking the face, allowing you to make adjustments. If you can't seem to fix it, your clubs may be improperly fitted. In this case, you should pay a visit to your local club fitter to see if you can find a better match. Remember, brand doesn't matter as much as correct fit.
Birdie Yardage Book: Positive & Important Goals
There are four guidelines for setting reachable goals: Today we will focus on the first two. Goals must be:


Goals need to be stated positively in order to be clearly defined. For example, if you say "I don't want to hit it in the water," the question becomes "where DO you want to hit it?" Instead, state your goal in this manner: "I want to hit it in the fairway and past the bunker." This turns your goal from the negative to the positive, and puts you in the correct state of mind.

Secondly, your goal must be important to YOU. Allowing someone else to set your goals will lead to failure, because you simply won't care enough to achieve it. If your goal is to become an engineer, you should work toward that goal instead of diverting your attention to other areas that will not help you to get there.

Make sure you are setting goals regularly, and correctly, for all areas of your life, both on and off the golf course.
Rules of Golf Explained: Nearest Point of Complete Relief