Sock Solids!

We know that sock knitters sometimes need a calm, boring color to make another yarn zing. So we added some very sedate colors, all solids and dark, to our website.

Use solids for toes and heels. Try them in stripes. Or knit a pair of socks from one of these basic colors.

Wanda likes the the dark forest green - Color 1418.

Maureen picks purple - Color 1429. We both like the charcoal gray - Color 1460. Take a look and be the judge of how boring these colors can get!

What's a good way to use a solid color yarn for sock knitting?

That's easy, combine it with something that has zing, like Crazy Zauberball.

Make the main body of the sock -- the leg and the foot -- be the Zauberball. Use the solid for the cuffs, heels, and toes. The solid sets off the multicolor and makes your sock knitting a work of art.

Here are some not boring yarns to combine with those boring solids.

Try Magic Loop

Magic loop knitting has changed sock knitting. The technique uses a circular needle in an innovative method that stages the stitches on two needles instead of three. If you struggle with double pointed needles, magic loop might be the answer for you.


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