v.11 | 02.10.2020
BDHOA Spring Newsletter

Hello Barclay Downs Neighbors - I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!

In case you haven't heard, there will be a one-time yard waste service scheduled for the week of April 27th to recover yard waste from the recent storm and early season yard maintenance.

Residents are advised to put their yard waste at the curb prior to Monday, April 27, for collection and leave it until it is collected. Collection may not occur during the week of April 27 as limited crews are being used for the collection of yard waste.

This will be a one-time collection to recover yard waste from the recent storm and early season yard work. No other yard waste service is scheduled following this collection until the current suspension is lifted.
Doing Good in the Hood!

Thank you to everyone who is giving what they can during this time from donations to making masks or just being kind to your neighbors.

Here are more ideas:
  • Donating blood - BD neighbor Janet Taylor is hosting a neighborhood blood drive and currently has enough people to donate blood but if you are interested in donating let her know. There may be enough interest for a second drive.
  • #Buildasign - Lowe's is providing inspiration to build a sign to support our front line workers.
  • Front yard food drive - the food banks desperately need food to feed our neighbors. Please consider donating needed items such as canned meats, pasta, rice, canned fruit or veggies and cereal (list of items needed). You can drop them off at 3601 Merrifield Rd, look for the donation bin on the front porch.