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Which of these movies does not a birthday party?

A)  What's Eating Gilbert Grape
B)  Requiem for a Dream
C) 13 Going on 30
D) Forrest Gump


In Dumb and Dumber, what's Harry's last name?

A) L loyd
B)  Dunne
C) Swanson
D) Caray

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The Crew Corner

If you could ask Vass and Kromm any question, what would it be?

John Courchane, Editor
Why would you ever use Sport Mode on a Phantom 4 drone?

Tracy Granzyk, Managing Director, Healthcare
How high can your drone actually fly?

Kortoney Gaff, Motion Graphics
Were you ever told you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn?

Rob Warren, Director of Photography
Where do drones go after they die?

Allison Miller, Producer
Don't drones come with user manuals?

Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production
I'm going to ask myself a question?

Greg Vass, Executive Producer
To Kromm: Is it ok for me to buy a new drone? 

Pragmatic Marketing Debuts SolidLine Productions

SolidLine has been busy creating a series of promotional videos with our friends at Pragmatic Marketing, the leading product management and marketing training organization in the world. Together, we've created videos that explain their brand, mission, and product management training solutions, and we have also interviewed some of their happy clients about how Pragmatic Marketing training has transformed their businesses. We're honored to work with the Pragmatic team, and excited about how these new videos will help their business grow in the future. 

"When we started our search for a production company for these videos, we focused on two things: someone who could create network quality videos and someone with strong creative skills," states Pragmatic Marketing Vice President of Marketing, Rebecca Kalogeris. "But with SolidLine we got so much more than that. We got a true partner through the whole process. They are wonderful to work with (and who knew vendors could be so fun!)"

Check out a few of the videos we produced with Pragmatic Marketing below!

Pragmatic Marketing - Not Lemonade
Are You Selling a Product Nobody Wants
Pragmatic Marketing - Glamping
The Pragmatic Survival Guide
Pragmatic Marketing - Fact Finding
The Pragmatic Experience
Tyranny of the Urgent
Tyranny of the Urgent

Cell Phone Giant ZTE Features New Phones with SolidLine Videos

SolidLine Media is building a great business relationship with ZTE, the fourth largest supplier of mobile devices in the US and second-largest supplier of prepaid devices. We've put our creative heads together to produce promotional videos highlighting new phones and their exciting features, have developed new product logos and brand standards, and even produced b-roll packages for television advertisements.

"The SolidLine team is great at coming up with fresh ideas every time we send a project their way," states Andrea Rojas,  Director, Marketing and Product Management at ZTE. "They learned our brand and target audience, making it a successful partnership from the beginning."

Check out one of the sizzle videos we produced below for a new ZTE smartphone!

ZTE Max® Duo LTE™ Sizzle Video
ZTE Max® Duo LTE™ Sizzle Video

We're Going to Disney: SolidLine Produces 10th AOF Honors Event in Anaheim

This month, SolidLine had the pleasure of working with the American Osteopathic Foundation to produce videos for their Honors event for the 10th year in a row. Honors 2016 was held in Anaheim, CA at the Disneyland Grand Ballroom where AOF  benefactors, award and grant recipients, as well as family and friends gathered in black tie to celebrate another great year for the Foundation and all its contributions in supporting the osteopathic profession. Ten SolidLine videos totaling forty minutes of content debuted throughout the night honoring the scholarship winners and showing off all the great things AOF does each year. And we are excited to share that the event went off perfectly, and the night was one for the record books, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for scholarships for the osteopathic profession. 

"We know we can rely on SolidLine as a partner in ensuring our Honors event is a success" states AOF Executive Director, Steve Downey. "They work their magic and do whatever it takes to get the job done every year. We couldn't pull it off without them!"

Check out a couple of the videos in the click-to-play buttons below!

Feature Awards Video
AOF - Lifetime Achievement Award
Lifetime Achievement Award