Issue 610 October 2016
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In Dumb and Dumber, what's Harry's last name?

A) L loyd
B)  Dunne
C) Swanson
D) Caray

WINNER: Ashley Heinnickel
COMPANY: Excel4apps

All of these ghosts were Casper's uncles except:

A) Stretch
B) Left Eye
C) Fatso
D) Stinky

Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

The Crew Corner

If you created a Frankenstein monster, what's the first thing you would teach him?

John Courchane, Editor
I'd teach it to run down to CVS for supplies.

Tracy Granzyk, Managing Director, Healthcare
Love one another.
Then how to pitch a 110 mph cutter, and sign him up for the Chicago Cubs relief staff!

Kortoney Gaff, Motion Graphics
To brush his teeth. Man does his breath smell like death!

Rob Warren, Director of Photography
I would teach him to turn on my jams at every commercial break.

Allison Miller, Producer

Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production
Fix Handy's hands.

Greg Vass, Executive Producer
I'd teach him to drive. I'd love to have a Frankenstein driver.

SolidLine Hits the Big Easy to Film for ASUG

This month, the SLM crew migrated south to film ASUG's BI + Analytics Conference in New Orleans. We spent three days capturing footage of all the great things the conference had to offer, including educational sessions, fun events, keynote speeches and panel discussions featuring leaders in the Business & IT industries. We also filmed interviews on the show floor with conference attendees. SLM's Post Production team was onsite in New Orleans to edit the videos and distribute content quickly to ASUG's 100,000+ membership across North America.
"SolidLine is a part of our team at our conferences," states ASUG's VP of  Media + Communications, Tom Wailgum. "Providing our members with great video content is very important to us, and we know we can count on SolidLine to get the job done!"

Check out a couple of the videos we produced onsite below.

ASUG Members on Serving Up Self-Service Analytics

Geminus and SolidLine Partner Together to Produce Powerful PSA

Geminus Prevention Services focuses on reducing the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other illicit drugs throughout Lake County and Indiana. After conducting a series of case studies, they found that young children are being offered alcoholic drinks at a very young age, so they wanted to create a PSA to raise awareness. SolidLine was given the task of creating :30 and 1-minute PSA's in both English and Spanish. Filmed at our in-house studio, the PSA's turned out to be very powerful productions, and we're proud here at SolidLine to be a part of communicating such an important message in our community.

Check out the 1-minute English version of our PSA below!

SolidLine Takes to the Skies!

Well folks, we've done it again -- we've treated ourselves to an early Christmas gift -- one that flies! SolidLin e is the new, proud owner of a  DJI Phantom 4 drone, and we've had a ton of fun testing it out on shoots and seeing the amazing production value it adds to our videos. Our new camera drone is ready to be used on your next shoot, to capture a unique perspective from the skies. And, don't worry, we are also fully insured to fly this thing where we need to in order to get the best shot! 

Check out our new aerial reel featuring our new drone footage below!