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Dear Soul Friends,

We have made it through another month of our sacred quarantine in hopes our mother earth can regenerate, and as a collective we can heal our wounds, release our shadow and expose the collective shadow that has caused so many injustices on our blue planet. So happy to announce the on line workshops in which I sincerely endorse and will be taking these classes along side you. The Medium Mentorship is coming up to, it is an in person workshop in the summer, it's designed for souls with the natural gift of mediumship or it runs in your family if you are looking to develop your gift with truly amazing mediums who have helped me over the years Carlos The Medium and Uma.

Just joined the Kaypacha online astrology course that starts today May 5-10th packed with answers to what the heck is going on now from an astrological point of featuring some of the top astrologers from around the world, and at a fraction of the cost if it had happened in Costa Rica! Join for just one day options too all live on zoom and recorded to reference again and again!

Below please check out my video below, it spells out some simple ABC's on how to staying positive during these trying transitional times through using Affirmations, Aroma Therapy, Bathing Epson Salts to lighting white candles just to name a few . Each week or more I promise to create more videos to help us all gracefully move through the anxiety that may come up because of the uncertainty of when we will be able to move freely through the world again and other real concerns such as our ability to earn a stable income using our unique gifts. So many natural and holistic tools going all the way to Z -Zen Buddhist Meditation.

Now that I have complete the Spiritual
Directorship Certification, I am offering to my Earthlight Promotions soul friends a 1 Hour Introductory Session with me at no charge, and if a good fit 20% off a package of 5 or 10 to help you navigate through these times peacefully using my A-Z techniques. Just email me at
Have a Lovey Day! Take a moment to listen to one of my old favorites Bill Withers who is has just transitions into being an ancestor!
Love & Light,

Beverly L Nickerson, Earthlight Promotions LLC Founder

Influenza Flu Virus-Spiritual Emotional Causes
Response to mass negativity and beliefs. Fear, belief in statistics.
" I am beyond group beliefs or the calendar. I am free from all congestion and influence"

Louise Hay from her book Heal Your Body
Check out my new video below.
Offering 1 Hour Free Spiritual Coaching Session During Quarantine and 20% discount on 5 sessions.o
Do you know your soul mission and can you feel confident even though it may appear your life is on HOLD or Pause during the shut down of your business. I can help.
Beverly Spiritual Director

ABC tools to affirm the positive from Affirmations, Bathing Flowers and Child Work .
Help during quarantine!
May 4, 2020 Beverly L Nickerson
Earthlight Promotions, Founder

Part 1 & 2 Monday May 4th 2020
Affirm, Breathe, Bathe, Child Work.

Bill Withers - Lovely Day
7-4-1938 to 3-30-2020
Have a Lovely Day!
Even in the mist of a pandemic that is really a grand awakening!

Starts Today May 5, 2020 Shaping A New Paradigm
On-Line I Joined ! Try for the day or entire 5 days it normally would be a few thousand dollars and meet in Costa Rica but now since the quarantine it all through Zoom for a faction of the the cost. Kaypacha is joined with some of the top astrologers from around the planet to help us navigate into what the heck is going on right now. When is the Age of Aquarius going to really settle in ?
Join here! Only $299 for all days or $50 for 1 Day


Stuart Hill
Teaching Traditional Yoga Styles
Join For May !

Offering 65 Yoga Classes
On Zoom for just $50.00 Per Month
During this time of self quarantine

Looking for a source of on-line yoga? Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility; reduce stress and connect with the greater consciousness; prepare for and meditate if you like. Stuart Hill has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha Yoga for 10 years. His certifications include Hatha E-RYT 500 and Kundalini E-RYT 200, and Silver Yoga Certifications. 
Stuart is currently offering 17 classes per week, including:

Three (3) Kundalini classes,
Six (6) Gentle Yoga classes,
Five (5) beginner and intermediate Hatha classes,
Four (3) Power Yoga Workouts .  

These classes are live and on-line using the Zoom platform. This allows the teacher to demonstrate poses, and for the teacher to view you and suggest any modifications to improve your practice. Classes are every morning and some evenings.

Please visit for timings of classes, detailed descriptions and to register click below:
Email To Sample a Few Classes

  You have access to 65 classes per month for $50! If you would like to sample a couple of classes, please email Stuart ( for a couple of free class passes. All you need is a laptop, IPAD, or iphone to join the classes. Classes often include live Native American Indian flute music, Tibetan bowls, and gong meditations during the relaxation period after each class. Students can join early to visit and hang around after for Q&A.

"I so look forward to Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Class on Zoom with Stuart Hill a few times per week. He has been my yoga teacher for many years and I really missed his classes and the awesome music he plays. During these quarantine times, being on zoom is the next best thing to in person classes it so keeps me in shape and happy . "

Mini Psychic Mediumship Readings Special
with Carlos The Medium – Evidential Medium

"Your loved ones In Spirit are simply a message away"
- Carlos

Special opportunity to get a quick - Mini Reading with Carlos The Medium! He is a top rated professional psychic medium located in the Washington DC area and is highly sought after for his natural ability to connect with those in Spirit including your beloved pet who has passed over.

​During a reading, Carlos will be the messenger between you and your loved ones in Spirit. He will attempt to communicate with those dearest to you to impart messages of love, healing, and closure.

All readings will be done by phone or via Zoom Video. Very discounted price! Typical reading rates are $100 for 30 minutes but offering a special rate during this time of COVID!

$41.50 for 15 minutes

Email Carlos At Do Not Forget To Mention Discount Promo Code Earthlight Promotions
Valid: May thru July 2020 Only!
For more information about Carlos Check Out His Website

My father passed way about 20 years ago and I still had some unresolved issues and deep hurts pertaining to the way my father treated me. Carlos brought him through in a group message service, with a sincere apology that healed my childhood wound.


Psychic Mediumship Mentorship Program 2020 

The Lotus & The Light Metaphysical Center
             Manassas VA

Programs Runs July-December 2020

Lead by Uma Alexandra Beepat
Carlos The Medium
Are you seeking to learn how to use and expand your psychic mediumship abilities?

Here is your perfect opportunity to train exclusively with two of Northern Virginia’s top sought after mediums.
Program Objective:

To assist in the development of the natural medium in their psychic and mediumistic abilities for their own benefit or to work professionally in the mediumship field.

Program Requirements:
- Natural medium since birth or have mediumship history in lineage
- Some training in mediumship

Program Tuition $1650

Payment Plans:

*All payments once made are non-refundable
1) Pay the full amount without extra fees on July 1st
OR Pay $295 once a month (6 months) on the 1st of the month
Cost covers monthly attendance in the full one-day class, two mediumship circles (one online and one in-person) per month and exclusive membership in a closed Facebook group. 

Please Check Out Website For More Details:


Opportunity to access ancient wisdom with Jennye in t apping into nature beings, nature spirits, your unique Animal Medicine guides.

Individual session or package of 3, 4, or 6 classes by telephone, Skype, or Zoom.
Email with your interest :

Waiting list now being formed
*possible tuition monetary/ barter assistance*

The Harbingers of Spring | by Woven Green | Spoken Word Meditation Music

During these trying times take a moment and listen to Woven Greens newest spoken word meditation music, try listen to with headphone on click on link!

Beverly Rose

" I am ageless and timeless, NYR helps me to stay that way. Being a sensitive it had been very difficult for me to find skincare and aromatherapy products that are so pure, organic and nature until I found NYR, with over 30 years experience in creating this highest quality skincare sustainability without harming the environment and honoring their workers in the field"

Wild Rose

May Specials!
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Rehydrating Rose Collection
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