Call Mr. Robeson: 
A Life, with Songs

Tayo Aluko 
brings the remarkable
Paul Robeson to life
reviving one of the 20th Century's most impressive actors, singers and civil rights activists in a powerful, compelling 
tour-de-force performance with song

"FIRST RATE" 4 Stars


Michael Billington The Guardian






"Emily Levine does for science what Jon Stewart does for news. She analyzes it, she makes it relevant and she makes it funny!"
TED Audience
Top 100 Favorite

TED-X Live at 
Zellerbach Hall
UC Berkeley
February 28, 2015

"Smart, funny, wise and inspiring, she even manages to make the audience feel likewise." - Bill Moyers

"Thought provoking and hilarious at the same time."

Arianna Huffington
Frank Oden
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"Perfect!" Marvin Hamlisch
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" Exceptional... masterful...
Van Leer writes, directs and performs... nothing can prepare 
one for the power
and emotionality
that Van Leer delivers."
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