September 12, 2017  


I really truly hope you all can come to this show. I originally was going to call this varied, experimental gathering of creations "5 artists by Deborah Maris Lader" because the work is all over the map. Rarely do I get the opportunity to gather together my oil paintings, bird etchings, found object constructions, comic prints, folk CD's and new glass etchings into the same exhibition space, but Firecat has offered me their playpen and I'm going for it. The reality is that I am constantly working on all these things at once. So, stop by, check out my clutter and....

I'm mostly showing my recent prints, but here are some other bits and pieces.
I'm especially excited about these fragile, one-of-a-kind etched glass objects:

"Birds Eyeview", etched & inked vintage glasses, ©2017

"You're Always Welcome at Our House", prints & found door handle

Wall Walkers, 5 x 3 inches, oil paint on panel 

"Heron", etching, 25 x 12 inches, ©2017

"Through Thick or Scrim", etching w chine collé, 21 x 7.5 inches, ©2017

"Against All Odds", etching, soft ground & chine collé, 8 x 22 inches, ©2016

"Interacting with Shadows", etching & chine collé, 10 x 8 inches, ©2017

"Nest", hand painted etching, 7 x 5 inches, ©2017

"You Can't Buy Babies or Body Parts at Costco", hand painted etching, 12 x 12 inches

For info about Firecat go HERE. If you prefer your printmaking in motion picture format, here's a video from the trailer
(coming soon to a theater near you. or not)....

printing the Heron and the Fish etching
printing the Heron and the Fish etching

"Masked", etching & chine collé, 5 x 4 inches, ©2017

Exhibition runs through October 14th, 2017
See you there!!! 
Random bits of NEWS and stuff
                                                                                                   photo by Monica Kass Rogers 
Sons of the Never Wrong just released a new album!

It's called Song of Sons and we're real proud of it.

The band turned 25 this year and so we've been out celebrating. You can buy
the cd plus other groovy swag HERE. I contributed the artwork, and my dear
friend Catherine Jacobi designed the packaging and made everything look pretty.

We're looking forward to our upcoming gig at CITY WINERY October 29,
where we'll party on with some of the very talented dudes in this photo.   
I created a few 6-color, hand-made screen prints for our last release show at Old Town School of Folk Music in case you're interested. 50 bucks. Get 'em at CPC, at the Sons merch page, or at a gig:

Chicago music critic Robert Rodi was kind enough to interview us about life in
a 25-yr-old folk band. He came to our show recently and had this to say:

"One of the most memorable concerts I've yet seen. The love in that
could have launched a satellite to the sun".

So there ya go. Here's the link to the
interview in the September issue of NEW CITY Magazine.'s a lil' home movie treat from that same concert - Sons with the formidable gospel star ELSA HARRIS, who arranged and played on one of our
new songs. She's the real deal. And she toured with Paul Simon for years with the
Jessy Dixon singers. Yep, THAT Elsa. We love her:


See ya'll at the Winery! Our friend Jonas Friddle opens! 

                                                             photo by Marc Hauser

____________ _____________ ____________________________
Edgar Allan Poe

I'm in this exhibition right now with a bunch of other awesome artists
called "Chicago Artists Interpret American Literature", so of course I chose "The Raven" and made a mixed media painting. The show opens September 17 at the Mary-Frances and Bill Veeck Gallery of the Catholic Theological Union, 5416 South Cornell Avenue in Hyde Park, Chicago, IL 60615. I'll be in NYC when it opens
but it runs through January 5, 2018 so check it out if you're down that way.

"Nevermore", mixed media painting on wood panel, 30 x 24 inches, @2017 
The Interview
The nice people over at Voyage Chicago interviewed me about the art biz,
running a community printmaking workshop, and why I prefer my fingernails
filled with ink. Read all about it. 
 I'm finally updating my website

Ha - I know, it's been like 5 years. But I aspire to doing it soon.
In the case of a miracle, here it is, but don't hold your breath. I've been too busy making new work all year.

I HAVE been pretty good about updating my Facebook and Instagram Feeds,
so feel free to visit me there:
DML INSTAGRAM @debmarislader 
I made a giant zucchini

And I gave it to my dog.
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
We have an AWESOME show coming up

It opens the day after my Firecat show. And yes, there will be THAI FOOD, some of which will be from the madly creative kitchen of my good friend ANNA ABBEY, who whips up the magic daily at
her restaurant on Montrose Avenue. OMG, you gotta come for both the gorgeous art and treats.

Yuttana Sittikat, etching, 7x6 inches, ©2016  

thai printmakers 
The artists from Chiangmai Art on Paper 

That's all folks! See you at Firecat. 


deb art heart litho  
deb art etching
deb art litho
deb art etching
deb art screen