C Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce the newest evolution of the SoloVPE protocol

C Technologies, Inc. has just released two new versions of both the Installation Qualification and Preventative Maintenance protocols. 

  • Standard - New slope based qualification
  • CPV - New slope based qualification tailored toward GxP environments
Standard  Installation/Operational Qualifications (IQOQ) and Preventative Maintenance (PM)
The Standard SoloVPE IQOQ protocol includes testing to fully qualify the system for various general and pharmaceutical laboratory settings. Both hardware and software tests are performed to ensure that the SoloVPE System is properly installed, fully operational and ready for use. The Standard SoloVPE PM protocol includes As Found testing, a thorough hardware check, optional software updates, a full system re-qualification and As Left Testing. 
The SoloVPE CPV IQOQ protocol includes the entire Standard IQOQ Protocol and incorporates additional tests important for GxP compliant environments. The CPV protocol includes the applicable tests outlined as requirements in the United States and European Pharmacopoeias, which include the use of sealed liquid standards for Wavelength Accuracy, Photometric Accuracy, Stray Light, Resolution and Control of Absorbance testing. The SoloVPE CPV PM protocol includes As Found testing, a thorough hardware check, a full system re-qualification based upon the enhanced testing and As Left Testing.
C Technologies, Inc. will honor customer requests to continue using the previous version of the protocols for the remainder of this calendar year to allow time for review and transition to the new protocols. Customers may request digital copies of the new protocols for review in advance of their scheduled services. 
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